"Mission: Home" wins at the SunSational Awards

Ultra's corporate social responsibility program, "Mission: Home," wins multiple SunSational Awards.

In 2019, Ultra Music Festival, brought to life its corporate social responsibility program «Mission: Home» with the aim of protecting the planet and, specifically, Biscayne Bay. The location where the festival takes place is a large natural park with four different ecosystems, an exceptional place that must be taken care of.

All of Ultra's initiatives have borne fruit. Last August, «Mission: Home» and its more than 30 proposals were winners of several prizes in the SunSational Award, made by The Florida Festivals and Events Association Awards. The CSR program won the 1º prize in Volunteer Program, 2º prize in Sustainability Program and 2º prize in Education Program.

Corporate Report “Mission: Home” 2022

On the other hand, «Mission: Home» has been recognized by the NGO Debris Free Oceans as the largest and most extensive RSC program at electronic music festivals in the United States. Additionally, Ultra was the first music festival in the US to be verified by the program. BlueStandard of the international NGO Oceanic Global.

If you want to know in depth all the initiatives of Ultra Music Festival, you can visit his page.