«Mission: Home» the sustainable initiative of Ultra Music Festival

Since 2019, Ultra Music Festival has carried out the “Mission: Home” project to reduce environmental impact of the festivals.

All companies have a commitment to society and the environment, commonly known as Corporate Social Responsibility. If the planet isn't taken care of, in the future it will not be possible to hold events and that is why one of the largest festivals in the world, Ultra Music Festival , launched its sustainable initiative “Mission: Home” in 2019. This 2022 they have issued their corporate report including all the achievements and progress they have made with their project this past year.

The main challenge of «Mission: Home» is to take care of the environment, specifically, in an inductive way starting with the reserve where it's held: Biscayne Bay . However, the measures aren't only to make the events more sustainable, they try to change the behavior of those attending their festivals, encouraging them to take care of what surrounds them.

Report «Mission:Home» 2022

According to the organization Greenpeace, each year more than 12 billion tons of plastics are discarded in the ocean. This fact implies the loss of the marine biosphere and multiple problems for the environment. "Mission: Home" has been involved in making the festivals more sustainable in a way that this last year reduced 1 ton use of plastics in their enclosures. On the other hand, it should also be noted that during their festivals they installed 25 special drains so that the garbage didn't reach the waters of Biscayne Bay.

Their work with society has been to reeducate more than 5,5 million people in more than 30 campaigns in which principles on waste reduction, pollution prevention, nature preservation, community participation or carbon footprint reduction are taught. On the other hand, the donation of more than 10 tons of food for people without resources, thus avoiding waste.

For more information on the sustainable initiative of «Mission: Home» you can access their website.