MitiS releases «Hurt», the third single from «Lost» album

MitiS releases the third single called "Hurt" alongside Zack Gray from the upcoming sophomore album Lost via Ophelia Records.

The Seven Lions label is at an unstoppable moment. Every week since they kicked off 2021, Ophelia Records offers fans abysmal quality when it comes to releases. Recently celebrating three years since the label's founding, they have released the label's second album, through Xavi with To The Endless Searing Skies. But this has only been the beginning of something that will come even bigger, the third album.

It was an open secret but we couldn't wait any longer until it was revealed, the sophomore album by MitiS. The dj and producer had been for several months since 2020, clarifying through social networks that he was working on a new album and that it would be released very soon. Being himself in charge of opening 2021 in Ophelia Records with one of the most anticipated songs called Try and later it would arrive Homesick, behind the Park 'N Rave.

Under the name of "Lost«, The producer will present soon in Ophelia Records his second studio album. Also offering the third and last song before the official launch of the same called «Hurt" beside Zack Gray. A new and deep production that the piano notes stick like stingers in your heart. One of the times he presented the song was on the livestream of echostage through Insomniac TV, in front of thousands of viewers, as in the Park 'N Rave. The voice of Zack Gray it completely changes the scheme of the first two productions. Bursting in a euphoric context but without neglecting the framework of pain behind it.

The third piece of the highly anticipated sophomore album by MitiS is on all platforms and soon, Lost.

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