MitiS and SOUNDR make dreams blossom with «Homesick»

MitiS launches one of the productions most awaited by all the fans called "Homesick" together with SOUNDR through Ophelia Records.

If you have arrived here it is because you also want new music and also the sophomore album of MitiS. But it does not mean that it is still going to launch, although both you and we are looking forward to it. If you are a fan of his, you will know that he has a lot of unreleased music that he has not released yet and that you are as excited as we are that it will be released.

Throughout 2020, MitiS has made multitudinous livestreams in which we have been able to listen to several songs that have not yet been officially released. Many of you have wondered when all of them will be released and thinking that the second album is coming but it is not known when it will arrive. If you have arrived here it is because one of those songs that you expect so much from him is «Homesick«. Apart from Try with RORY and many more that the producer presented during his performance at the Park 'N Rave.

The second production that launches in 2021 is again through Ophelia Records and, of course, with one of the most anticipated. After almost a year listening to it in all the livestreams made and he himself knows that we have waited many months waiting for it, it finally sees the light. Next to SOUNDER, give life to «Homesick»In a sweet and warm voice of the artist generating that nostalgia that appeases us when you love a person ... But you catch fire when you sleep when you miss that the person is not by your side. Waking up and not seeing that he is on the other side of the bed transmitting it in painful synthesizers that go straight to the heart in a melodic drop.

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