Mize & Super Future make SSKWAN float with «Satori»

Mize & Super Future come together to work on the first SSKWAN release in 2021 with a magnificent production called "Satori".

The year in WAKAAN has started fable with releases like Ketamine, FTSU, exoplanet EP y Ice Cold EP. But what about the Downtempo label of Liquid Stranger called SSKWAN which has not yet been released in 2021 with any release, not counting the Tripped set of the founder. Two great artists are in charge of opening the year with the first release with an incredible production.

Mize & Super Future come together to present «Satori«, A complete resonant melody that makes every part of your body vibrate. The artists introduce you first in a spiral inducing a perfect harmony with very marked rhythms. Creating an aura transmitting emotional and simultaneous sensations, without falling into monotony. Four minutes was enough to immerse you in a musical and sonic paradise of Downtempo harmonies and sensibilities.

A own production of the level that WAKAAN reserves and of course, on this occasion, for SSKWAAN. You can enjoy the new from Mize & Super Future called «Satori«, On all digital platforms.

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