Mizz Behave hits 2021 with "Boss Bitch"

Mizz Behave makes his debut in 2021 with the release of the new track "Boss Bitch" through the Greazy Recordz label.

Streams, releases and a tandem with GPF that we want to see soon. So was the 2020 by Mizz Behave. After playing streamings in Shutdown Festival, Phanosity and various b2b with GPF, Mizz Behave returns this 2021 with much more force in a new release through Greazy Recordz.

Following the interview we conducted just a few months ago, Mizz Behave spoke to us exclusively about this release. "Boss Bitch" or "Down Low" were the names that she was shuffling for this release, opting for the first option. A lot of forcefulness, accompanied by the more than known piepkicks.

Listening "Boss Bitch" on Spotify and keep up to date with new releases through the social media. Do you want to know her more? Read the interview that we did for her in December and enjoy the set that she played in our third livestream.

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