Monstercat Silk, where your tastes will be reflected in hearts

Monstercat embarks on an adventure from chillout & downtempo sounds to deep & progressive house under the name Monstercat Silk.

One of the best labels in the world enters a new project immersing itself in the third brand. Monstercat has two brands, which have offered millions of followers music without ceasing, under the name of Uncaged o Instinct. The team wants to continue innovating and entering new worlds and bringing a new vision to electronic music with different concepts.

In 2019, before the pandemic that we are currently suffering was declared, Jacob henry (Director of Monstercat Silk) had the privilege of contacting the co-founders of Monstercat (Mike Darlington & Ari Paunone). They met in Los Angeles, where they shared vision, sustainability for the artist, and passion for emotional and future electronic music. Together they identified an opportunity for Silk music Reach a much wider community without compromising musical vision. Now, Jacob Henry, as Director of Silk Music, is pleased to announce this new dream; Monstercat Silk.

The mission Monstercat Silk is to deepen and diversify the musical offerings of Monstercat to a wider range of subgenres. Since chillout & downtempo to deep & progressive house, besides trance y breakbeat. Each week there will be two releases from artists committed to unleashing smart and emotional electronic music. Carry on the legacy of Monstercat Silk Showcase, weekly podcast y 24/7 radio broadcasts on YouTube as opportunities for fans to discover new artists.

The team is very excited for you to discover what they have in store for the whole world. They have your personal soundtrack, from listening to daily music to the most special moments that mark your life. For those who not only live in the moment but also beyond; your tastes will be reflected in the hearts of these artists.

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