MYST presents his new album «Trinity»

MYST's new album "Trinity" is released through the Nightbreed Records label, and is now available on all platforms.

Eugen Boorsma, better known as MYST, has released his new album Trinity on all digital platforms. Since last November we have been waiting for the release of this new EP in which Eugen represents a part of his life in each chapter. The extended play was already presented in physical, cd, a few months ago, making sold out within days of its launch. Also, we were able to hear this new album on his set of Defqon.1 at Home 2021 . The album has been released through the label Nightbreed Records, owned by the duo endymion, with whom Myst has collaborated several times creating tracks such as See You Again o Death never dies.

MYST began in the world of Hard more than ten years ago and since then it has not stopped reaping successes. Perhaps the best known track of his career is Before You Go. On the other hand, other of his most famous songs are: From The Ashes, Never Look Back o Young and Reckless. Until now, Eugen, had presented us with the EPs Prophecy y Alchemy, which together with Trinity form the perfect trilogy. This latest album takes us into a melodic world in which we make a journey through each episode heard. Within the album, MYST has played with the different subgenres of the Hard, from the own Hardstyle until Hardcore.

Trinity is composed of three chapters and a bonus, they all represent a part of the life of MYST. The first chapter Birth, presented on January 1, in which we find the songs Birth, Life Eternal, Bliss, Monster and The Path We Take. Without a doubt, the five songs that make up this first part make us realize that we are dealing with one of the best producers on the scene. With Life Eternal that thought is reaffirmed. The song contains a melody that makes us return to the old Hardstyle compositions, together with more current kicks. This synergy means that from our point of view, Life Eternal, be the best song of the first chapter Birth.

Furthermore, the second chapter called Creator, in which the second part of MYST's life is related. This chapter was presented on March XNUMX. Contains the songs Creator, Arms Of Sorrow, I Can See Now, The End and Goodbye. In this chapter, like all the extended play, we have loved all the songs; nevertheless, I Can See Now it has been our favorite. This track more alternative than the others, brings great energy, making it one of the most dynamic themes.

As one of the last parts is found Comet, presented last May, the third chapter Trinity which includes the songs Comet, MYTH, Driven By Pain and Fight The Hardest. From this third part, we highlight the epic theme Driven By Pain in which the great reverberations used prevail, enveloping everyone who hears it in a great atmosphere, along with a melody that accompanies the listener in practically the entire song.

Finally, within the album you can find a bonus composed of three songs. Among these is the Trinity edit of Fire and Ice and Where I Shine. In addition, a bonus is also added remake to piano of Life Eternal made by Hardkeyz.

Trinity is available on all platforms.