Nexus Festival celebrated its largest edition to date

Nexus Festival was crowned the biggest hardstyle event in recent years with a sensational second edition at Fabrik.

Nexus Festival, currently the biggest hardstyle event in Spain, presented its second edition at Fabrik. A high number of artists, who are headliners at any other top-level festival, spread over several of its stages. The debut of The Gang in Spain and Sub Zero Project with their show 'Psychodelic' or Radical Redemption were the biggest bets.In addition, it attracted practically a large part of the hardstyle public, which is concentrated both in Spain and in the surrounding countries.


In addition to the artists, a new area stood out as one of the protagonists of this new edition, and that will serve as the venue for the next Fabrik events. Area 19 was one of the clear commitments for the future of both the festival and the club itself. In it, we enjoy several of the most acclaimed artists of the festival, highlighting some of them.

Sub Zero Project screened their new live 'Psychodelic' with those characteristic visuals. They surprised us with a 'Psychodelic' x 'Judgement Day', that we had not heard in any of their live-shows before. Rebelion alternated between both worlds, leaving us some little pills of what will be their next album under Overdose, while Radical Redemption presented his new album 'Brutal X', which will be released this week. A special mention goes to Sound Rush, who presented two new tracks, along with some of their most anticipated IDs.

Meanwhile, on the main stage, The Gang provoked what has been happening since the REBiRTH Festival in 2022, completely filling the room. It's not a matter of capacity; it's that nowadays everything they do turns to gold, and people love them. Even more so if you have Levenkhan as MC and singing some of the vocals. Still in shock at how that EQUAL2 remix of 'TOO COLD' sounded.

D-Block & S-te-Fan again, taught a master how to perform a set. In addition to the remix to 'Reignite' or their already released 'Someone To Believe In', they  tested their recent ID 'Kamikaze', as well as what may also be a new DJ Isaac track. Finally, we would alternate with The Straikerz, the greatest exponents of Spanish rawstyle with Sefa and Dr. Peacock in the main, to put an end to this second edition of Nexus Festival.

Even if we have to wait another year for another Nexus Festival, 150 by Fabrik is back on September 23 to kick off the 2023–2024 season. The full line up will be announced on June 26th,so keep an eye on their social networks for much more information. See you soon!

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