NGHTMRE & Yung Pinch impress with "Scars" on Ultra Records

NGHTMRE is back on the Ultra Records label for the launch of a new production with Yung Pinch called "Scars".

The dj and producer known professionally as NGHTMRE is back east for a new song release. In recent weeks he made an appearance on the record label of Ultra Records to release one of his most anticipated productions, Speak Easy. Now he's back to make his mark on discography again.

Recently, in addition to releasing the song Speak Easy, collaborated with the team of Pasquale Rotella, Insomniac Events, for a live broadcast alongside Elliot Sloan, The Highlands. And in recent days, the great news that he will also be present at the festival of his friends and practically brothers, SLANDER. Next October the producer will also be representing Gud Vibrations at the first festival of SLANDER, Star Base Music Festival. With all the fans looking forward to his debut album, liven up the wait with Scars.

NGHTMRE, Yung Pinch, Scars, Ultra Music

Presents this new production called with Scars next to the young man Yung Pinch from California. They seamlessly blend jazz instrumental breakdowns with the raised vocals of Yung Pinch. The song Scars is an exhilarating ode to helpless lovers and the tests of unconditional love.

The production is laced with atmospheric and vocal chord progressions that emulate the hypnotic singing of a saxophone. Envelop the listener in a swarm of exciting soundscapes. Blur the genres by bringing together resonant bass lines and smooth guitar picks, making this release the perfect soundtrack for every summer adventure.

The producer NGHTMRE shares that he's been doing Hip Hop recently, but nothing too melodic. He was excited to try on some melodic vibes and Yung Pinch made a great job with the vocals and tried to keep the vibe going.

Listen to the collaboration between NGHTMRE & Yung Pinch through Ultra Records called Scars.

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