Ninajirachi releases "Dracodraco / Stoneteller" in her Sable Valley debut

Ninajirachi makes her debut on RL Grime's record label Sable Valley with two new productions called "Dracodraco" & "Stoneteller".

The new members who are joining the record label of R. L. Grime sable valley do not cease to amaze. The talent that they have been bringing in in recent months is to be a force to be reckoned with going forward. Artists like REMNANT.exe, Deadcrow, Heimanu, MAYKO, Rohan, Altare & Poni. This week they introduce a new member with great talent.

They are pleased to introduce Nina Wilson, professionally known as ninajirachi from Australia. The artist possesses a sound that embodies a rich, opulent atmosphere and flawless studio touch. In 2017 she released her debut song Pure Luck, sweeping the Spotify charts, in addition to being the second most played production that year in triple j. The aptitudes of ninajirachi reached the whole world, even before a high school degree was obtained.

Since then, the composer has not stopped creating relevant music such as Gardenia, Water Gun & Stingray, Lapland EP, Blumere EP and many more productions. At only 21 years old, she has a musical repertoire of great quality. So far this year she has made several successful appearances with productions such as secret!, Prosperity & Slytherin. Now she have the opportunity to make her music even more attention-grabbing as part of the family of sable valley.

Like the rest of the debutants when they have joined the family, ninajirachi has also provided a mini mix in launch week. With a unique style and sound design that is easily recognizable by her, she leaves a great mark on the record label.

It is usual that all members of the record label of R. L. Grime have skills above what we usually hear. They all stand out and of course, Nina has also stood out with her two debut releases called drakedrake and Stoneteller. The composer and singer-songwriter has a knack for cajoling the listener from the first moment the song starts. She has a catchy and energetic sound design, trapping you in each of the elements involved.

This has only been the first piece of many to come from ninajirachi through sable valley. Enjoy the debut release by the singer-songwriter called drakedrake & stoneteller.

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