Nitti Gritti & RUNN go further with "Where I Belong"

Nitti Gritti & RUNN work together for the first time in an incredible production called "Where I Belong" through Proximity.

Proximity has become during ten years in the trusted channel for thousands of people, where they go every day in search of new music. What better way than in this same, launch two of the artists with such influence within the scene.

Last august 2020, a livestream called «Alone Together«, In which he participated Nitti Gritti. A set full of unreleased songs and ended with a song that left viewers speechless, it turned out to be a new song RUN.

Nitti Gritti & RUNN they work together in a collaboration called «where i belong«. Two very versatile artists, capable of adapting to whatever comes their way or is proposed to them. Both ended 2020 with a more than outstanding note, with a long list of productions in which they have worked. If you are a follower of them and you usually observe their social networks, surely you have noticed the kindness, charisma and above all, the good vibes they transmit.

It is the collaboration that you never thought would come but that was necessary. As always, the voice of RUN, it never disappoints, as well as the lyrical, enthusiasm that it transmits. Nitti GrittiAgain, he surprises again and again, being able to produce whatever he wants. This time he has been able to create an emotional piece, spreading happiness, euphoria and signs of victory through melodies.

Again, Nitti Gritti & RUNNThey leave their mark and this time together. We hope to see you work again, the result has been surprising and. You can enjoy «where i belong»On all platforms whenever you want.

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