Notaker climbs one more "Echelon" in his career

Notaker captures the attention of the scene with the release of his new experimental production entitled "Echelon."

David Nothaker, known professionally as notaker, is a St. Louis-based producer. He possesses a distinctive style, characterized both by his strong sound design and his devotion to infusing compositions with heavy narrative elements. That helps you create songs that completely immerse listeners in your unique universe.

In 2016 he signed his first song called Infinite with the record label Monstercat. He continued his path in the same discography with releases such as Gems & shimmers and took another leap in his career with Born in the flames & Abyss in Armada & mau5trap, respectively. In 2017 he released Genesis EP composed of five productions in Monstercat, including Wake Up, You're Dreaming in the video game Rocket League. In 2018 he released his debut EP on mau5trap with erebus i and in 2019 his second EP on Monstercat with PATH.FINDER.

He has recently debuted on the record label anjunabeats being part of the compilation Anjunabeats Raising Vol. 3 with the song Stratus. After launching the production this year Airlock, enters the scene again releasing Echelon, and climbing more rungs in his professional career.


When the whole world was in lockdown Notaker has pushed new limits with his productions and has accumulated a significant amount of unpublished work. As the world begins to regain normalcy, which we are already seeing, all of this music will be released. And Echelon is the first of many to come.

The song opens with a note on the bass line, as if a small crystal had fallen and in turn the thousands of pieces had spread. This note continues to be maintained around the entire production in specific parts, focusing for the first hour on atmospheric elements. The synthesizer used is as if all these thousands of pieces of crystal have been connected together, creating a singular Midtempo cut, characteristic of the universe of notaker. He conveys completely new sensations and feels like being in another dimension, unifying chords and synths between ethereal melodies.

You can listen to the new production of notaker called Echelon on all digital platforms.

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