NotLö creates a "Hallucination Effect" EP on WAKAAN

NotLö makes her return to the record label of Liquid Stranger WAKAAN for the release of her "Hallucination Effect" EP.

We have again one of the most beloved electronic music composers of this 2021, through the record label of Liquid Stranger. Based in Denver, NotLö has quickly become one of the most exciting DJs and producers in bass music. Her project has been described as an amplifier of "inclusion, acceptance, tolerance and love." She is determined not only to break the mold, but to pioneer a new definition.

Drawing on her experience as a queer woman in electronic music, NotLö has used her platform for a variety of causes. 100% of the profits from evolve EP went directly to benefit the NAACP. She has received endorsements of great successes in electronic music such as GRIZ & ClozeE, and is the newest artist to emerge with the trendsetting brand Deep, Dark and Dangerous.

Earlier this year, NotLö made a surprising appearance in WAKAAN, for the release of exoplanet EP, in collaboration with VEIL. From that day on, we had none of that we were going to see her again having a solo release on the discography in Liquid Stranger. Months later, she's back to wow all fans with Hallucination Effect EP.

NotLö, Hallucination Effect EP, WAKAAN, Liquid Stranger

After mesmerizing the electronic music scene with her collaborative EP exoplanet with VEIL, NotLö returns for her first solo project on the freeform label, Hallucination Effect EP. Proving that good things come in threes NotLö sparks a trio of devilish songs that will hook you from start to finish.

The artist takes you to experience various symptoms, opening the EP with the main song Hallucination Effect. Through corrosive synths and dangerous melodies, it immerses you in a sinister aura, beginning to feel all the hallucinations. In collaboration with MYTHM, create a dark transaction called MAD, leaving listeners with shaky bones and shaken minds. The end could not end in any other way than by teleporting us to other Dimensions. Returning to feel the danger in a trance state from which you cannot save yourself through terrifying atmospheres.

Listen to the first solo project of Noticed called Hallucination Effect EP, through WAKAAN.

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