Nurko & Monika Santucci release "Here Right Now"

Nurko launches one of the most anticipated Park 'N Rave productions with Monika Santucci called "Here Right Now."

It is being one of the sensations of the scene and more and more people love sound. We talk about the dj and producer known professionally as nurko. Since a year ago I made an appearance in Digital Mirage, has generated an incredible fan base and more than deserved recognition. From delving into Ophelia Records to collaborate with Trivecta en You can be my light to collaborate with ARMNHMR, Dabin, William Black and ILLENIUM. In addition to snatching our hearts in Blindspot Part 1 & 2.

This 2021 began with the opportunity to attend one of the Park 'N Rave Insomniac, by MitiS. A scandal performance was the one that the producer offered before thousands of assistants and spectators. Presenting the collaborations he has with Dabin and ILLENIUM, as well as a new one with Monika Santucci. Arriving at the final part of the Set, the singer-songwriter took the stage to present with nurko the new production called here right now.

After the performance, social networks did nothing but throw flames during the weekend. And it is not for less, apart from the unpublished songs that he premiered, the future that lies ahead is to get excited. An artist who until a little over a year ago had no voice in music and now is having it more than ever. Thousands of people can't wait for him to release new music and he's also working with RUN y Chandler Leighton.

With all of the above, who wouldn't want that nurko announce the release of new music. For this reason, the artist is back once again with Proximity to liberate here right Now. Production made with the singer-songwriter Monika Santucci, not being the first time working with her. As we mentioned, they had already worked in the last year, joining forces with Trivecta en You can be my light.

En here right now we see a completely different sound design in the latest releases of nurko. Although the melodic framework continues to be the strong point and the sensation that conveys the most emotions, he has opted for different synthesizers. Making the track unique, due to a more constant tension between the sounds and pressure on them with more harshness, especially in the second drop. And as always, the work that Monika Santucci she performs is to be appreciated, consolidating herself as one of the best vocalists and singer-songwriters on the scene.

The work you are doing nurko in recent months it is to be admired and this has only been the beginning of what is to come. Meanwhile, you can enjoy here right now on all platforms.

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