Nytrix & Mynerva release "Love Runs Away" on Heaven Sent

Nytrix & Mynerva make their debut on SLANDER's Heaven Sent Records label with the release of "Love Runs Away."

The founding artists of Heaven Sent Records return to provide new music sent from above. The record label of SLANDER has recently provided releases such as Umbra, Where My Heart Goes or Best Part Of Me. Now it's time for the world to rediscover new emerging talents.

First of all we have nythrix, a vocalist, producer and dj with a flexing catalog of genres ranging from melodic dubstep to house. He has had appearances on record labels such as Monstercat, collaborating with Au5 in the song Always in a Nightmare. On the other hand we have the producer Mynerva, not being the first time that she collaborates with nythrix. They already made an appearance together on one occasion in the production called Find you. They team up again, this time through Heaven Sent Records.

They present the song love runs away with an exquisite interpretation by nythrix. The accompaniment of melodic synthesizers combined with high notes and piano chords, symbolize an emotional setting. They capture the idea of ​​a bleak context as if you let love escape on a night of flood in front of that person.

A new piece on the record label of SLANDER by the artists Mynerva & Nytrix called love runs away. Now available on all platforms through Heaven Sent Records.

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