OBLVYN makes Monstercat debut in a big way with "Alive"

OBLVYN makes her first appearance on the Monstercat record label with the release of her production called "Alive."

Catherine Bliemel, known professionally as OBLVYN, leaves a big mark on her musical repertoire by debuting in Monstercat. The Edmonton-based electronic music producer and composer began the musical journey at age 5, training in classical piano. Subsequently, she became a guitarist for a pop punk band and finished high school with a degree in Jazz and Pop music.

After experiencing different styles of music OBLVYN was decided by Future Bass as her main genre, but jumping limits to create her own sound. With the use of keyboard playing, melodic soundscapes, aggressive synths, and timbral accents, her sound is described as emotionally captivating. She is inspired by the wonders of the universe, the beauty of nature, and the human experience. She invites you to a sound adventure in which anyone can be immersed.

Last year she made multiple appearances releasing productions such as Bike, Falling Apart, Golden Gates and many more. In this 2021 she has released the song called I Want You and goes up more than a notch in her second release of the year. Take a huge leap in her professional career by appearing for the first time on Monstercat, with her new song Alive.

OBLVYN, Alive, Monstercat

With numerous production skills the Canadian artist OBLVYN makes his debut on Monstercat with a powerful Future Bass production called Alive. She introduces her charming voice, soft keys, and powerful chords, getting the ingredients to make it an anthem. As a classically trained artist, OBLVYN finds her way in deep bass and elements of her style that distinguish her.

The artist shares that people will never be replaced by machines. In the end, life and business are about human connections and computers try to murder you in a lake. The choice is easy for her.

Enjoy the debut release of OBLVYN through Monstercat with her second release of the year called Alive.

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