Octopus is born, the new Hard festival in Spain

Medusa Festival starts the year in a big way and surprises us by presenting a piece of news that has sat very well among hard music lovers, the arrival of Octopus Festival.

10/1/2020, what looked like it was going to be a quiet day for lovers of hard it has become the opposite. At 14:45 the alarms have started to go off, someone has hacked Medusa Festival's social networks representing the hard movement, nobody knows anything. Many have really come to believe it, they said they had been hacked, but what they really did not know was what came next. The secret has been revealed and what Jellyfish festival was trying to tell us was that, a new festival has been born, Octopus Festival is born.

Hacked by Octopus Festival #FollowUs

Posted by Jellyfish festival am Friday, 10 of January 2020

The news has sat very well among the followers of this genre, who notice how se bet more and more on this genre. Live 2 Love presents the new festival of the Medusa brand and will be held from 17 al 19 de July en Safari Park Vergel. Alicante. Tickets will go on sale on 9 de February, you can see the prices on the official website of Octopus Festival.