One True God repeats in NIGHT MODE with "Everytime"

One True God once again stands out in the ranks of NIGHT MODE Records, presenting their new song entitled "Everytime".

Alan Notkin, better known under his stage name, One True God, is a Canadian artist focused on the Houseand in the Mid-Tempo Bass. The alias derives from satanic religious notions about enlightenment: «we are our own God»

One true god, has started 2021 strong and has already had a series of notable releases: among it the VIP version stands out on his own track I See You; a solo release known as Mortal Kombat or the couplet of tracks with the wonderful voice of Vania, nicknamed Lovely Drug EP

Regarding the seal NIGHT MODE, belonging to the famous group of Insomniac Records, this time welcomes the Canadian artist with his new song "Everytime". This renowned label is not far behind and among its releases, it has artists such as STAR SEEDS with I'm Outside with Charity Vance, Heimanu with Atrea, our national representatives Subshock & Evangelos with Want U EP, and even producers of the stature of bishu, LeKtriQue, JACKNIFE, Moore Kismet, among others.

One True God, Everytime, night mode

The topic to be presented at Night Mode Records, receives the nickname of "Everytime". Calm rhythms but with the melody ahead. Highlighting the metric because of heavy blows, One true god offers us a quiet track to listen to at home. Song well executed and produced, with a certain freshness but at the same time that dark touch that the Canadian artist usually gives us.

To keep track of Alan Notkin, better known One true god, we leave here his Spotify as well as the channel of Soundcloud of the seal that has welcomed him in its arms: NIGHT MODE Records, inside to the family Insomniac Records. We expect great things from the creator of this great production as well as from the label where it has been released, which never ceases to amaze us whenever there is fresh news from NIGHT MODE.