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Ophelia's Odyssey is the series of mixes made by the artists that make up the Seven Lions Ophelia Records label.

Since Jeff, known professionally as Seven Lions, created his own record label under the name of Ophelia Records , has not stopped growing. Every day there are more artists who are progressing and obtaining prestige over the months, together with the great releases by them.

Albums, EPs or singles, are the ones that are released every week through Ophelia Records. Apart from various livestreams made as VISION, the label has its own series of mixes, called Ophelia's Odyssey. A family artist make a one-hour mix, which also includes exclusive music. Artists have participated: MitiS, Trivecta, dimibo, outwild, nurko, Crystal Skies, Last Heroes, Far Out, Xavi, Gem & Tauri, wake up, amidy, Jason Ross, STAR SEEDS, Au5, Blanke & Alpha 9.

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