Ophelia Records Year End Mix 2020 by Trivecta

Ophelia Records unannounced "Year End Mix" by Trivecta with a total of sixteen songs released on the label during the year.

We are about to end a year in which for many, music has given us light when we only saw darkness. In hard months, thousands of artists have not stopped working and giving us peace through music and making us forget everything. Many of those artists who have continued their work, despite the circumstances, have been from Ophelia Records.

During this year the Record Label of Seven Lions has held a total of seven virtual mini-festivals under the name of VISION, in which the last was celebrated the past 18 de December. Together with VISIONS, every week Ophelia Records offered different livestreams with different artists, such as masterclasses or DJ Sets. All this together with a multitude of releases during this 2020. The debut album of Jason Ross, Finding Light EP de Last Heroes, waiting for you de Trivecta, Last Heroes y RUN, Foolish Of Me de Jason RossSeven Lions y Crystal Skies o everbright de outwild. In addition to the latest releases like Black Sands EP de Caster, neverless de Xavi and finally intertwined between Jason Ross y RUN.

Closing the year with the latest VISIONS broadcast, Ophelia Records presents «Year End Mix" by Trivecta. After the great year that Sam has made, it is not for less that he has been in charge of making the mix. With a total of sixteen songs Trivecta Say goodbye to the year in the best possible way for all fans of the Seven Lions label.

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