Outwild releases the Deluxe Edition of their EP "Everbright"

Outwild returns to the release radar by introducing the Deluxe Edition to their EP "Everbright", which they released in June to a total success.

The growth of Ophelia Records It is a true reality, proof of this is the number of releases we are seeing from the Seven Lions label. After the release of several EPs such as "Collide" by Crystal Skies or "All You Need" by Gem & Tauri, they return to the load with another new EP, this time in Deluxe format with outwild to the head.

Outwild, formerly called Inukshuk, decided to make a new format to EP that gave him so many successes in the month of June, in which he collaborated with vocalist XYV, singer and songwriter Josh Bogert and the renowned electro-pop group The Ready Set. "Everbright" EP consists of tracks such as "May You Always Be", "Before We Start", "Live In The Now", "Broken Constellations" and "Everbright", the latter as the title track. Regarding the new remixes, Vaance brings freshness giving even more quality to the track "The Way You Are". N3WPORT y Miles Away give an emotional touch and finally AWAKEN makes for a beautiful melodic dubstep track.

“I love telling meaningful stories with my music, whether through melody or lyrics, so I found this track perfect for remixing! I chose to go a bit more melancholic route with my remix because I wanted to keep the beauty and upbeat melodies of the original track, but also contrast it with the darker and more intense themes of the track. I think the original track is amazing and I was really excited to put my own spin on it ». - N3WPORT .

“When I listened to the Outwild EP, 'The Way You Are' immediately caught my eye. I was hooked on the song at first because the sound of The Ready Set reminded me of the music I used to listen to as a kid (Blink 182, Motion City Soundtrack, things like that) - I felt nostalgic. Normally when I remix I like to completely rewrite the song and just keep the vocals, but I really loved the chord progression and the Outwild melodies for this song. I decided to use his chords, add some variation, and write a new melody. The song is written on such a heartfelt theme: being in love with someone because of the little things that make them who they are. I wanted to accentuate that feeling for the listener while adding some energy to the production «. - AWAKEN.

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