Outwild keeps up with "Honeydew" on Sleeping Sun Collective

Outwild returns to the fray for the launch of a new production called "Honeydew" through Sleeping Sun Collective.

We have back the dj and producer, known professionally as outwild, on his own record label Sleeping Sun Collective. After the song One Night, together with the singer-songwriter KC, this new production becomes a great new addition to the musical repertoire of his discography.

As he already mentioned, he is starting a new chapter in his professional career, working on the biggest project he has done to date. He has not yet wanted to tell details, but it will surely be something very big so it will be worth the wait.

While we wait for previews, what awaits us for outwild, release a new production called Honeydew. Something different and more instrumental, than in the previous one One Night with KC, showing more natural elements. The almost four minute long journey teleports you to knowing yourself inside, and going through the most optimistic events that will stand in your life. A piece for and to free yourself from ties, as well as to give yourself time and give yourself peace.

Do not lose sight of everything that has to tell outwild in the coming months, and enjoy now on all platforms of Honeydew.

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