Outwild releases "One Night" with KC on Sleeping Sun Collective

Outwild releases the second production called "One Night" from his own record label Sleeping Sun Collective with KC.

The dj and producer outwild, go back to his own record label Sleeping Sun Collective for the second track. At the beginning of the year, specifically on January 15, 2021, he released the first production of this new project with With Clouds Bellow. He also remixed Our Language, one of the productions of Xavi from his debut album To The Endless Searing Skies through Ophelia Records.

He recently opened up to all of his followers, communicating that he took time off from regular posts and live broadcasts to work on the biggest project of his career. On top of that, he said that he has had the opportunity to work with some really inspiring artists that he can't wait to tell us more about.

It seems as if a new chapter in the professional career of outwild starts in this first production called One Night, collaborating with KC. As we said before, it is the second production to be released through his record label. Describe the song title as an expression of subtlety with moments that we all too often take for granted. It's inspired by dance hymns from the early 2010s, when life felt limitless, talking about how fleeting a single night can be.


The song is like a wave in time so shocking that we tried to relive it hundreds of nights later. A dialogue towards the nuances of simplicity and how the apparently less memorable moments paint our history. A silent reminder that we are living unaware of the good old days.

They wrote this song while in lockdown, and we all just needed a little mental vacation. This song allowed them to escape isolation and computer screens to imagine a carefree night with friends.

This has been the first chapter of the many that are to come from outwild. While we wait with what else he will surprise us, you can listen to his collaboration with KC called One Night on all platforms.

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