PAX debut on Factory 93 Records with "Cosmic Kiss"

PAX is a British duo of a high standard, and the Factory 93 Records label welcomes their production skills to release 'Cosmic Kiss'.

Aaron Taylor & Charles Robinson are the men behind the alias PAX. Focused primarily on the House, on the Techno And in all its possible variations, the British duo have a lot to show their fans. They burst onto the scene back in 2015 and continue to climb positions in the electronic music scene, thanks to their powerful productions.

ElRow, Toolroom Records, Abode Records, etc. These are some of the labels that have received music from these two geniuses and now the time has come to launch through the family of Insomniac. The new label for the most daring and innovative sounds of the world. House and the Techno, known as Factory 93 Records, hosts a new track by the british duo.

This is due to the great reception on the part of the public of the tracks of Aron & Charles. We can highlight a series of tracks from the best of the scene: this 2021 we have two new releases called Intentions & Lo * e Dr * g; a spectacular collaboration with Gorgon City nicknamed Alive; To The Drum & Just Like That through the label of Solardo known as solo records; Pass The Bottle EP launched in Abode Records, among many others of higher level.

Factory 93 Records stands out again, choosing very well which artists to exploit within the scene. Spencer Brown was the previous candidate with his generous I Was Too Young For 90s Raves EP and before him, they were Eli Brown & Weska, with Exhaust EP & Meru EP, respectively. Now, the time has come to present new music from the British duo PAX and their wonderful qualities when it comes to creating auditory works.

Cosmic Kiss it's their new creation. Dance music as well as good acoustics and musical perfection. Focused on rhythms and melodies, this track denotes good harmony between the House and Techno, which characterizes them so much. A magnificent vocal intons the melody to destroy in a powerful drop, with the property and a hardness worthy of admiration.

You can hear Cosmic Kiss on all digital platforms belonging to PAX & Factory 93 Records.