PhaseOne & Shane Told tear hearts with "Enemy"

PhaseOne surprises with an incredible and emotional production called "Enemy" with Shane Told of Silvertein on Disciple Records.

One of the most influential artists on the scene surprises with a more emotional production than expected. PhaseOne bring out the most sensitive and emotional side in a collaboration with Shane Told by Silverstein. On January 18, he announced through social networks the arrival of this production under the name of «ENEMY" by Disciple Records. The artist warned that this was going to be very emotional and at the time he published the preview of it, the arrival of a new anthem was heard.

Accompanied by a video that unleashes the agony of the context to which it is, it is reflected. With a guitar that tears in each chord as it slides down the strings the feelings that that person has been able to continue while the other has not. Through the masks they transmit the memories that they passed together and the moment these disappear from the face, they cannot escape them. They painfully emphasize the harshness of production when reality is not the same as what you see through the mask.

A whole work that anyone can identify with and feel while listening to it, how little by little the heart is tearing itself apart. PhaseOne y Shane Told have created through ENEMY the sound and the words of those nights and dark moments that prevent you from moving forward without that person.

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