Phuture Noize creates a new world on Q-Dance Records

Phuture Noize presents "A New World" on Q-Dance Records, a track with which he appeared in the audiovisual show Qlimax: The Source.

2018 Year. Phuture Noize revealed the album that catapulted him to the Olympus of hard. "Black Mirror Society" it reached a brutal level of acceptance and made Phuture Noize a special artist. 2 years later, in this complicated situation, "Silver Bullet" again marked a before and after. Criticism was back on his side and again acceptance was positive. Then a question arose. "Black Mirror Society" or "Silver Bullet"? The answer, difficult of course, fell from one side to the other with a great division of opinions.

"A New World" it is a door to both worlds, both albums. It combines "Black Mirror Society" with "Silver Bullet", with a slight air of "Masquerade" integrating the new synths along with drums. An extremely melodic track in which the vocal and the drums take a lot of prominence. "A New World" corresponds to Qlimax: The Source, where the first chapter by Sub Zero Project.

In the context of the song, The Qreator is the one who shows him the way to the unknown, the door to that new world. Indicating with the light that door that he must open but needs his other self. Simulating with another person who is himself playing the drums. With the use of green colors making us see how dark the situation is and they seem to open the door to that new world at the end of the drop. Once opened he is overwhelmed on the ground, not knowing what has happened and when he rejoins the voices inside his head make him remember the past. With his back to that new world, looking at his other self on the drums, the song and the entrance to that new world culminate.

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