Phuture Noize releases full "Electronic Heartbreak" EP

Phuture Noize fully releases "Electronic Heartbreak" EP with Mark Vayne & Daimy Lotus with a total of nine productions.

One of the best projects of the year, finally sees the light, by the producer Phuture Noize . From experience Qlimax The Source with A New World to Q-dance, the artist has been working on a full-length EP, exploring new sounds.

At the end of 2020, he opened up through social networks with his followers about his album Silver Bullet, and everything it meant to him that year. Like many others, he knew how to find light when all there was was darkness, and he managed to find value in it all. Confirming that day that by the year 2021, he was going to launch Electronic Heartbreak EP, like a love letter for analog synthesizers and great vocals and lyrics. Everything he learned on the previous album was going to be reflected on this full-length EP.

Phuture Noize, Electronic Heartbreak EP

At the end of May preparations began to let us know that the first song by Electronic Heartbreak EP. After a video in hexadecimal, several fans managed to extract the tracklist of the full EP. Starting with the first song called Maniac.

The entire EP was interpreted by the singer-songwriter Mark Vayne, impressing everyone with Maniac, and making their intentions clear to everyone. New synthesizers, and great importance to the vowels, through melodic sounds. Subsequently, the wish of many followers was launched, the new collaboration with B-Front. The perfect combo, once again reunited, but this time to Electronic Heartbreak EP, and causing Violent Storm.

Without letting us assimilate the fifth collaboration between Phuture Noize & B-Front, in the song Violent Storm, together with Mark Vayne, released ctrl. Electronic Heartbreak EP. All the fans were looking forward to seeing the full experience of this full-length EP on Defqon.1 at Home 2021 , but he had a surprise in store for the occasion.

Phuture Noize, Electronic Heartbreak EP, Daimy Lotus, Mark Vayne

The same day that he acted Phuture Noize in the live broadcast of Q-dance Defqon.1 at Home 2021 announced something unexpected. He revealed through social networks that he was going to bring Mark Vayne with Daimy Lotus, confirming the existence of esc. Electronic Heartbreak EP.

After receiving incredible support from the entire community with the launch of ctrl. Electronic Heartbreak EP, interpreted the three, both projects. The second part of the full-length EP, caught all the fans by surprise and none knew what it was going to be like. Live Set, of the artists. Finally, it was by far one of the best Sets of Defqon.1 at Home.

With the new esc. Electronic Heartbreak EP, in collaboration with Daimy Lotus, four new pieces of music are added to this experience. Like the first, the releases of the second part were also by surprise, since none of us expected them so soon.

First, production was released Keep Loving Me (Tonight), and days later the second piece called Blame Game. After the release of these pieces, Phuture Noize reveals the full experience of this ambitious project made up of nine productions.

The first production that makes up the second part is Pretty Poison, which was the introduction to the Set of Defqon.1 at Home. It radiates a fascinating melody that hooks anyone, managing to create a new world, as it already did in Qlimax The Source. In fact, he himself said that he believes that what he has achieved with this EP is something very different in the composition that is usually heard in the Hardstyle. After the songs Blame Game & Keep Loving Me (Tonight), possibly more experimental production follows, Memories. As in the first part of the EP he wanted to introduce new elements, he wanted to add something even more different from what we usually hear from him.

Phuture Noize

He is one of the future heroes of the Hardstyle by Q-dance, and undoubtedly one of the best sound designers in the world Rawstyle. Deserves the X-QLUSIVE more than anyone and next year he will have two Sets in Defqon.1 at Home 2022 for the experience 4 Days of Madness.

He has achieved glory in recent years, and once again demonstrates the great abilities he has in the studio, just as he is used to. Listen to the complete experience of Electronic Heartbreak EP, by Phuture Noize, Mark Vayne & Daimy Lotus.

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