Pixel Terror conquer with "Empire" EP Bassrush Records

Pixel Terror conquer Bassrush Records with the release of "Empire" EP consisting of four productions.

The producers, Ahrya Far & Bentley Montes, professionally known as pixel horror, reveal their new world through Bass Rush Records. At the beginning of July they made an appearance, to make their new intentions clear, unveiling the first song of the full-length EP, called Elysium. That is why, a month later, they return to complete the conquest with Empire EP.

A project that is made up of a total of four productions, reflecting in all of them the new visions they have been working on. They wanted to create something different, representing one of the worlds that they have been trying to create, within the universe of pixel horror.

Pixel Terror, Empire EP, Bassrush

After the release of Elysium, three new songs have been revealed, not previously heard. They are really excited to be able to share with all the listeners, these new worlds that they have explored. They have immersed themselves in different realms, discovering new techniques, and exotic soundscapes.

We can find a great diversity of sound designs, considering that they can be divided into four parts, as well as the number of songs. The concept of the artwork also gives a feeling that the world that they have created within their universe is divided like this. The first production Wildwood, is a dazzling musical jewel, which radiates natural elements, justifying the exotic search of the producers. On the other hand, in Meridian, we enter into radiant melodic concepts, and with a lot of hook. Finally Underworld, add heavier and mid-tempo elements, setting fire to the created world in the best possible way.

A project elaborated after a great work of exploration by themselves, expanding their immense universe with different sounds. Listen now on all platforms Empire EP, by the producers pixel horror through Bass Rush Records.

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