Porter Robinson takes the 5th step to "Nurture" with "Musician"

Porter Robinson releases the fifth and final production before offering the sophomore album Nurture with the release of "Musician".

A year ago, social networks froze with the announcement of an artist that we had waited for years. Porter Robinson announced the sophomore album of his professional career called nurture and the scene came to a complete standstill. One of the most charismatic producers of recent years and one who has revolutionized the industry so much by offering incredible projects, he is about to release one of the best pieces of the decade.

The first reference that the producer gave was the day after the announcement of the album with Get Your Wish. A completely different design from what was previously produced in the producer's career. A month later he released the second production, equal to or even better than the first, transmitting euphoric feelings and emotions through Something Comforting. Without being able to carry out a face-to-face edition of Second Skyoffered Secret Sky where he unveiled a new work called Look at the Sky. Being habitual in him, setting fire to social networks with just one post, he announced the third production before the launch of the previous one with Mirror. And a year after when he announced the sophomore album, he delivered Look at the Sky, along with the release date of nurture, Which will be the 23 de April de 2021.

With a total of 14 productions that will make up the sophomore album, Porter Robinson will provide all fans with one more before launch. The fifth and last song before nurture it is "Musician«. Of the five already released, this one could be said to be the most different from the previous ones but maintaining the same vibrations and sensations. It's like Worlds y nurture have been at the same point for the creation of it. A combination of both concepts in the same production.

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