Porter Robinson announces Secret Sky 2021 to present "Nurture"

Porter Robinson announces the second digital edition of Secret Sky to take place one day after the release of his album "Nurture".

First of all, we have to congratulate the team of Brownies & Lemonade, because during the pandemic that we are suffering they have offered incredible content. They have provided a variety of live broadcasts making electronic music enjoyable for thousands of listeners throughout these months; you cannot doubt his work. And once again and well deserved, they are in charge of making thousands of people enjoy working together with the team of Porter Robinson. Therefore presenting, the second edition of Secret Sky for this April 24 of XNUMX.

Porter Robinson

Given the impossibility of being held a year ago, and now, a new edition of Second Sky... Porter Robinson announces for the second time the digital edition of Secret Sky. One day after the release of his long-awaited album consisting of a total of 14 productions. What better way to celebrate than by presenting the second album in the second edition of Secret Sky. Scandal audience figures were achieved last year, and with good reason. The invited artists who will be during the event, as always friends and producers for whom Porter Robinson; feels listeners should give them a try.

On April 24 we will have a day full of emotions and vibrant and sentimental sensations, in equal parts. It's been a year since REZZ does not appear on a live broadcast. The announcement of the artist's new album is more than enough to be together with Porter, one of the best performances. There will be relevant DJ Sets as per Boys Noize, BAUUER, Kero Kero Beautiful, James ivy, a B2B between IMANU & Buunshin, and many more.

There are an infinity of artists around the world, not only from electronic music in particular, and only a low percentage move such large masses. All of them have a quality or ability that differentiates them from each other, as well as a personality. Every day you expect music from all of them; what they produce or transmit to you is energy that no one else achieves better than he or she. One of the artists who is so fond of him and who is expected so much of him, releases his long-awaited sophomore album. Porter Robinson will once again carry out a live broadcast and, this time, to present nurture.

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