Porter Robinson releases his second album "Nurture"

Porter Robinson releases on April 23, 2021 his second studio album called "Nurture" consisting of fourteen productions.

One of the most anticipated days for years has finally arrived. You may like it more or less, even be passionate or not to your liking ... However, it cannot be denied that, Porter Robinson He is one of the most beloved artists in the industry. Create music when he feel like it, without abiding by rules of constantly having to release productions that we see every day on the scene. That is why he is one of the most special artists, not only in electronics, but in the entire world. A low percentage of musicians on the globe manage to move such large masses with so little. He has the respect of all artists in the industry, as well as all listeners of this genre, he is humble and peaceful. It simply is Porter Robinson and, its name, is capable of capturing the attention of thousands of people in a second.

The first album released by the Dj and producer under the name of Worlds in 2014, it marked a before and after. That album to this day continues to be one of the best projects that have been released in electronic music. Day after day he has struggled with his depression and how it has prevented him from making new music after the debut album. Focusing on escapism and fantasy; all those amazing things that can be derived from fiction, like video games and movies.

Porter Robinson announced the arrival of his new and second studio album on January 28, 2020; It was like a dream come true. It was without a doubt what the fans wanted for years and how long they have waited for the day to come. Seeing the DJ and producer live, as well as listening to his music, is something out of the ordinary. A wide variety of producers in the industry have the same opinion.

Today 23 de April de 2021, Porter Robinson releases his sophomore studio album consisting of a total of fourteen productions.

Porter RobinsonNurture

Both the team of Porter Robinson like him, they became obsessed with 1000 different album covers and ended up going back to the simplest in the end. Collaborated with the Art Director Samuel Burgess-Johnson and they tried so many things, clarify ... They did a photography session to try to get the album cover trying to make it a kind of environment of liminal spaces. Porter also recognized that the image had to be instantly recognizable; So if someone wants their album cover on the wall of Animal Crossing where it's only 16 pixels, he wanted it to be done.

Before the quarantine, they spent two whole days driving to farms and jumping fences to find the right field of flowers. A cherished keepsake that helped him get through 2020. They worked hard to find the right photo on that adventure. They had quite a few really cool options until Porter Robinson He fell flat on a whim. They couldn't get away from that photo, in which he was face down in the endless field of grass. And there was nothing they could do to improve it with their usual design techniques. It is a fantasy of a version of himself that lives so seriously; strives to be bold and it's a bold album cover plus knowing there will be memes with that photo.

Porter Robinson describe nurture as very melancholic, where there is a lot of pain, sadness but also a lot of hope and he sees everything on that cover. It is like a hug to the whole earth or a hug to reality and that is a motif of the album. He plans to add to the fun when he's played live; It makes him feel like music does, a little shy, a little sense of beauty. Lying face down on the floor like this is the most vulnerable you can be. nurture It has come after a period of real creative struggle and a very difficult time emotionally. It was deeply comforting to find beauty in the everyday and in the little things, in nature and in reality.

The producer wants to share this epiphany with others, for the world to feel the boil on his skin but he paid a price for it. The irony is that Porter Robinson He's allergic to grass, but it was worth it, he admits.

Porter Robinson, Nurture, album

One hour, divided into fourteen productions are those that make up nurture, the sophomore album Porter Robinson. Every fan of the producer knows that he is an incredible artist on the piano, capable of playing whatever he wants and, so he transmits it in the first song Lifelike. An instrumental combined between piano & fiddle with environmental elements, sounds of birds and nature. From the first hour the album begins to come to life and it has only been the beginning of this wonderful journey. The intro completely grabs you with skin-crawling melodies and you want to always stay in this song.

Nurture, Lifelike, Porter Robinson

Obsessed with the idea of ​​a window to nature, and this song is the window to the world view of nurture. As an artist, his view of real-world beauty is often like sitting in a recording studio, looking out the window, and feeling like he's in a forest. That is what informed the creative direction of this album. For him, establishing a specific worldview was essential. It is very similar to the skip process. These are the things that are worth showing here. Realistic, it's what takes you from the black void on the cover to all the things that he felt were worth showing.

Porter Robinson, Look at the Sky, Nurture

Possibly one of the most beautiful productions that the producer has given throughout the journey to this day, Look at the Sky. He premiered this song during the first edition of Secret Sky before incredible numbers of spectators, to end the Set. And it was almost a year later when he released it on all digital platforms, along with a video clip with a lot of background. Porter Robinson he shared through social networks that when making art, we can think of ourselves as working alone. Adding that if he had been raised in total isolation, without exposure to culture, the concepts of harmony, rhythm would never have occurred to him ... No one would have had the idea of ​​making twelve notes in a scale, chords, idea of ​​melody, concept of chorus, verse and drums. Everything we create is a collaboration with millions of strangers, he says.

By creating and sharing ideas, we have the gift of being able to contribute to this legacy. Think of the history of human creativity as this beautiful tapestry where each of us has the very, very brief opportunity to sew our own patch. The video of Look at the Sky it's about the beauty you find in this cycle. Whereas the meaning of the song deals more directly with the value of hope and resilience in the face of despair. With the video, I wanted to extend the idea of «be alive next year»from being literal to being a metaphor for the things we can contribute to this world.

His girlfriend Rika and he spent several months in Japan of XNUMX and that's what inspired him in the art direction for this album. He remember seeing a sign for tourism in Nagoya that it was a landscape with a blue sky and a white scrawl that said something like «It's still here». Those lyrics found his way into the song, and the white scrawl found his way onto the cover. As for the choir, he wanted it to serve as a mantra, a message of hope and perseverance. There is no shortage of dire news and reasons to feel discouraged at this point, but you had to keep the feeling that things can improve significantly. He sees Look at the Sky as a mantra to remind himself that there are good reasons for hope and that people can significantly improve themselves and the world.

Porter Robinson, Get Your Wish, Nurture

Get Your Wish… Where it all started. This was the first song with which the producer shocked the entire electronic music industry. Unexpected, fast and emotional, the beginning of a new chapter, a new era in music. None knew we would listen when Porter Robinson so surprisingly announced the album as well as the first song. It is one of the songs that most transmit joy within this body where pain and suffering are also experienced. The producer's life has been very hard and he transmitted it with a message through social networks where he shared his feelings, as well as uncertainties regarding the music.

When he started writing the album, he was struggling with some heavy questions: Why am I killing myself for this? What do I hope will happen that hasn't happened yet? Why do I need to prove myself again? The response he came to, which you can hear in this song, was inspired by the album by Good Iver, 22, The Million. He found that album when his little brother had cancer. He couldn't really make music at the time. But that album made him feel a few degrees brighter, more hopeful. And when he thought about how much that music meant to him, he realized that all that matters is making music that connects with people, that makes the world a little less seedy. Get Your Wish it was the first time he was able to return to the real state of play.

"Get Your Wish" is a song about finding a reason to keep going, even if it's not for your own sake.

Porter Robinson
Nurture, Wind Tempos, Porter Robinson

The combination of piano & violin is being one of the most beautiful concepts that is giving nurture and it is re-experimented in wind tempos. The track opens at an incredible speed of high notes of piano at a surprising rhythm, while adding natural and ambient elements, as well as introducing light melodies with the violin. It is a work of art, do not put a genre, enjoy it, it is music and it is made to be enjoyed. In it it fully reflects the states of nerves, stress, anxiety and external agents that prevent us from continuing with our life. Introducing a broken voice as if depression took over you but without leaving the melodies behind that help you move forward.

When you think that none of this can change, mark a resounding pausa to continue to piano at a slower pace. As if all the tension that you have been enduring has ended, all that anxiety that you have had has exploded and the crying arrives right in the vowels ... The lyrics are so short and yet so deep, that it hurts. A few words are enough to understand what this song can mean; it's a genius. After the slight notes in a lower rhythm, it adds speed again but less influenced than at the beginning. It is as if you have been reborn again, a new day, a new opportunity to overcome everything you have left behind.

If there is one artist who affected his worldview more than any other, it is the Japanese pianist named Masakatsu takagi. He is his hero. He made the music sheet for one of his favorite movies, Wolf Children. That helped him understand that all the beauty and emotion he was trying to create through music didn't have to come from these otherworldly dreamscapes; it could be intimate. When they were in Japan, he invited him and his girlfriend to stay at his house in Hyogo. He lives in a town of about eight people and his house is covered in pianos. 

When he played for him, he was hard not to cry. At the end of the trip, he handed him a Japanese ambient music record archive from the early 2000s. He hadn't heard of any of it, but he knew it would be his thing. Not only inspired wind tempos instead he ended up releasing a small sample of him playing a toy piano. It's super distorted, almost unrecognizable. He emailed him to see if he could give him credit for the song, just a small way to acknowledge how much it had influenced him. He accepted.

Porter Robinson, Nurture, Musician

The fifth and last production he offered Porter Robinson to all fans before the release of nurture, Musician. One of the songs that we thought the producer had found the middle ground to create music between Worlds & Nurture, two totally different but united concepts. A deep lyric mentioning that he no longer misses that feeling and wants something new to love, even being nostalgic is fine without that. No, he don't want to lose that excitement and he get so excited when he finally find it, getting brighter from now on.

Musician is his favorite song, it is him when reaching creativity and inspiration, feeling invincible. It arose out of a conflict between his heart and mind: his mind said he needed a cut instrument, something like Flicker of Worlds and his heart said it had to be another great song. At first, he followed his head and did the instrumental; it had like ten key changes, no voices, no repetition. But it didn't feel good. Then he finally wrote the chorus, this great vocal moment, hymn, and he knew he had got something right. It's so contagious that he couldn't think of anything that better captures what it feels like to be on stage. In the end, he ended up mixing both versions and the result is boundless joy.

But sincerely: Can't you feel what I'm feeling?

Porter Robinson
Porter Robinson, Nurture, do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do

The sixth production is another wonder called do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do, where he abandons the piano and focuses on percussion elements, creating a cheerful and smiling atmosphere. He wrote this song after listening to the Japanese artist Cornelius for the first time. It was one of those situations where people had told him over and over how much they would love him, but it almost became overwhelming, so he avoided it. So he finally heard and wrote this song in eight hours. It feels like skating around your neighborhood, just feeling free and in this childlike state.

It's another genius, how with such basic and everyday aspects that we usually listen to, he turns everything around to make it sound the way you want. The vast majority of the time, in music, design and in any field where art prevails over all things; is when it shows who is a genius. An artist stands out more than the others when he is capable of transmitting with simple elements what no one has been able to think of. Perhaps you have had the idea but you have not been able to translate it, execute it or get to develop it. This is when art flourishes.

The song feels deeply so good that not much else needs to be said except do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do, there's too much you want to say so do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do. There's too much you want but you keep saying do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do. It is something so simple and yet so ingenious that it feels so good.

Porter Robinson, Nurture, Mother

Mother, again a song with a lot of background within this album from the producer, like the ones preceding this one. He wanted a song that expressed the love he feels for his parents, as well as the pain of growing up. He felt that the moment he moved out, his youth would end and he would hardly ever see his family or his dog. It wasn't really like that at all, he still sees them all the time. But he wanted to capture the sad side of growing up, of realizing that his parents are not infallible.

Porter Robinson, Nurture, dullscythe

Of all the productions that make up nurtureThis has undoubtedly been the one that has most shocked all listeners. dullscythe is the most song abstract & experimental de todo el album, besides being the song that does not have a standard tempo. Porter Robinson I wanted it to really feel hard & chaotic, something halfway there to keep people on their toes, and making them feel like they're hitting in a thousand directions. The production has a beginning a bit as if a short circuit had occurred in the system, like an error in the album; but gradually recovering. The last few seconds of the song is as if all the cables are reconnected and return to the previous harmony.

Porter RobinsonSweet TimeNurture

The album is made up of pieces full of sadness, suffering & pain, and hope. In Sweet time you can see a fusion of all these concepts in this single production. This song is about being so in love with someone that, for the first time in your life, you are afraid of dying. You realize that you are not guaranteed an eternity together. In the lyrics, he talks about going to God to make sure she is okay, and that makes him cry all the time. He was crying loudly in the study, she could barely get the words out. In the end, however, it is also an expression of gratitude, because the world is lucky to have her. Rika and he has been together for four years and affirms that, it is time that he proposed to her. But he wants to wait until after the pandemic.

Porter Robinson, Mirror, Nurture

The third song and one of the best of the second album of Porter Robinson, Mirror. It's a song about the costs of being hard on yourself. We all have these ups and downs that we give to our critical internal voices: we could imagine a dismissive parent telling us that we will fail, or a critic telling us that our work falls short, or a society telling us that we are not good enough. It's about recognizing that most of these criticisms are self-inflicted.

For years, he was imagining the worst a critic could say about his music and looking at his own work in the most negative way possible as a way to protect myself from criticism, but not once did it serve him well. His hope is that other people can overcome this same kind of shame; It can be really liberating to acknowledge that most of the time, we just let our own thoughts get in the way and we can do something about it.

Mirror It is about his critical inner voice and how much it was affecting you. He realized that he had these inner demons that were represented by the most disgusting things anyone could say to him in Twitter, or the meanest things they could say music critics. And they got into his head. They affected him creatively, because every time he wrote something, it was very easy for him to imagine someone refuting. But if he's just trying to avoid something bad being said about his job, that's the least vulnerable place his could be. He's living in fear and cowering to avoid hurting yourself Mirror it's about your confrontation with that inner voice.

Porter Robinson, Nurture, Something Comforting

The second song of nurture, and a favorite of many fans of the producer, Something Comforting. He wrote the main melody of this song in the back of a taxi in New York en 2016. He remember hearing it over and over again, and it felt like,«All right, I need to make this into something real». Emotionally and lyrically, feel that this song captures the essence of the album. It was the first thing he wrote and it became the seed of everything that followed.

In the video, he explains how the track reached the top of a«creative low point»in the creation of nurture , sometime in 2015 o 2016. He wasn't sure if he could continue creating music, but the song's downfall helped motivate him to continue writing for the album. He also revealed that he did not write another song for nurture until 2018 and he didn't finish this song until 2019.

Porter Robinson, Nurture, Blossom

The twelfth song of nurture es Blossom and it's a ballad for his girlfriend Rika and remember crying while writing it. It all came together very quickly and came from the idea of ​​good wishes: how much joy does it fill you to imagine someone you love and care for really happy? Get everything they want and be surrounded by loved ones? He was imagining it for his girlfriend and imagining her as happy as she could be.

The hairs stand on end of how beautiful this song is and can be, both for its meaning behind it, and for the lyrics it has, one of the best of nurture. Trying to close your eyes for once while wishing for a life, imagining that happy person, walking together in the undergrowth and running together through the moss. You were so lost in your thoughts but you were there, laughing and it took you with you. Wondering if you can slow down the days and wanting to find faith, feeling that you are dying but will save his place and he will never suffer, you will stay together. It is not right that one day your time runs out and that is why she will grant you another life, feeling the tears, it is just that you love her and one day she cannot be far enough away.

So at last, goodbye
I'll be happy just to have known you
And we wish each other well

Porter Robinson
Porter Robinson, Nurture, Totally Huge Extinct Dinosaurs, Unfold

To the surprise of many and as always unexpectedly, the day before the album was released, Porter Robinson released the only collaboration of nurture; together with Totally Huge Extinct Dinosaurs en Unfold. This collaboration came about because he has always liked the music of TEED. When they entered the studio to write and record, he began to tell his how much he loved Sea Of Voices from his album Worlds, and how he wished he had written it, so he began to sketch a soundscape that evoked it.

So that the song would fit well with nurture, they decided that he would sing it; in fact, they sing together. It was a whirlwind. For a while, he had this song at the top of the song list because it featured some variety, but as he kept working on it, he thought, No, this is the moment of the end of the album. If you're going to have this epic wall of sound thing, you've got to make it to the end.

Porter Robinson, Nurture, Trying to Feel Alive

Every beginning has an end ... And it comes with Trying to Feel Alive the final song of nurture. In this song he tries to make sense of the whole trip, trying to discover what has changed. What I learned? I'm better? I am satisfied? It was enormously difficult for him to write, but ultimately the answer he came up with is that satisfaction is not the real goal. If you achieve everything you strive for, you will stop looking forward. There is nowhere to go. This is another song where I was crying while writing it because it was kind of a personal epiphany. Here he is on the other side of this, still struggling to make music, still not necessarily feeling complete, but beginning to understand that maybe that's a good thing. Maybe that's the point. Perhaps making music is his way of trying to feel alive, over and over again.

After so many years, Porter Robinson still stuck in Worlds, although nurture be a new era, not only in your professional career, but in your life. In this album he reflects his day-to-day life in the world we live in from his perspective and has managed to capture it in a surprising way. There are no words to describe everything he has wanted to transmit, but he has been able and for that reason, he is not only one of the best artists in electronic music, but one of the best musicians in the world.

This album does not have to be listened to thinking about Worlds, although we are all also trapped in that incredible project. Do not compare, or try to find similarities, he is a musician who has known how to personify his life in fourteen songs, fourteen songs in which he strips naked in body and soul. Porter Robinson he has realized that making music is his best way of trying to feel alive. Like his first studio album, his name being engraved in everyone's memory, nurture It will also remain in the heart, mind and soul of each one.

The second studio album, nurture, composed of fourteen productions that reflect the pain, suffering, sadness, as well as the hope in the life of Porter Robinson… It is now available on all digital platforms.

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