PROFF has the «Light Magic» on Monstercat

PROFF returns to the Monstercat record label for the launch of their new production under the name "Light Magic".

Vladimir Ershov, known professionally as PROFF, makes an appearance on Monstercat for the third time this year. After his launches Dark Magic & Solar Wind, during 2021, he delights his fan base again, for the launch of a third production.

From a very young age, he obtained classical education in music schools, as well as additional lessons in piano and saxophone. Some time later, he discovered a new world of electronic sounds that completely captured his mind. Experiments with basic audio production software, loops, the purchase of the first synthesizer, the attention and support of peers in the dance music scene brought Vladimir to the realization of your dream of becoming Professional DJ and producer with each next step.

PROFF, Light Magic, Monstercat

Currently, PROFF is considered one of the most successful producers in Russia. Vladimir's discography has more than 100 releases. Now is the time to leave another big mark on Monstercat, and add one more release to your great repertoire with Light magic.

The renowned producer of Progressive House scene or better known as proffgressive, PROFF makes appearance again in Monstercat Silk, with a relaxing production called Light magic. For this occasion, he has not introduced his usual deeper and darker motifs. It is because of that Light magic is the sonic antithesis of his previous production, Dark Magic. Warm atmospheric drops and ambient forest Foley effects evoke feelings of hope as crisp percussion guides listeners into the light at the end of the tunnel.

Light always comes even after the longest darkness


For the third time in a row so far this year, the dj and producer PROFF, leave a new production in Monstercat. Listen now on all platforms, the new single from the renowned producer, called Light magic.

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