Puppet starts with «2018» his second album

Puppet begins the process for the release of his second studio album with the first song called "2018".

Brendan Baldwin, known professionally as Puppet, is an electronic rock artist based in the city of New York. After his debut and consistent releases with Monstercatfrom 2014 to 2017, he quickly became known for his outstanding sound, mixing pop-punk vocals, rock-focused song structures, and instruments with an electronic-focused production.

In 2019, he released Give Up The Dream EP independently, showing an even deeper fusion between traditional rock and electronic music. In 2020 he released his debut album I Know You Know Who I Am, consolidating his status as a pioneer of Rock / EDM fusion.


By 2021, he does not want to slow down and begins the process for the release of his second full-length album. Thus refining the sense of identity to Puppet, continuing the momentum by combining EDM and Pop-Punk music, pushing his own limits.

The first song that the sophomore album begins with is 2018. Through this production, Puppet pays tribute to the beginning of the long transition from EDM to electronic rock. It reflects together all the elements and instruments played, how he has exceeded his own artistic limits and how perfectly he has combined both styles.

Do not lose sight of social networks Puppet, for more information on his next full-length album. Listen now on all platforms, the first production called 2018.

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