Rampage Open Air reveals Phase 2 for 2020

Rampage Open Air surprises us again with this second preview of artists from its next edition that will be held on July 3 and 4 in Belgium.

Rampage Open Air showed us in its first edition that it is one of the most important Dubstep and Drum & bass festivals in Europe and this year they want to do it again. In this second edition, they show us together with his first phase of artists, a second batch of heart attack, which can be experienced in the first person in Lommel (Belgium) on July 3 and 4.

In the first phase we saw the confirmation of feigned, in this phase he could not miss his partner Fox Stevenson. It will be a very special session, since at the end of 2019 he showed us his first studio album killjoy and we want to see you put various topics like Like you o Dreamland, in addition to seeing a session full of Drum & bass in which it will surely leave us in love.

He is the most loved Dubstep artist by the public of Rampage and that is not easy to achieve. funtcase will step on the Open Air in a big way, nothing more and nothing less than with its Audio Visual Show, which left us surprised in the last edition of the Rampage in March. The artist of Circus Records he is not fooling around and he is going to teach us that he is one of the fathers of this genre and that his career speaks for itself.

PhaseOne returns to Lommel, although this time alone. One of the members of the famous seal Disciple He comes to show us all his talent, which we already saw in the last edition of Dreambeach and we can tell you from now on that it is going to leave you atonic. It is worth highlighting his new album transcendence, in which we see great themes such as Mayday in collaboration with Modestep o Ultima.

In phase 2 of confirmations we once again have the best of Drum & Bass. The union known as Technique International Sound, formed by Drumsound & Bassline Smith with Tantrum Desire, join the spectacular poster offered by the Rampage Open Air this year.

One of the emerging artists of the Jungle, Jump Up and Deep sub-genre of Drum & Bass in recent years, he is here to stay. Confirmed in this second batch of confirmations, Voltage will delight us with his music along with the heavyweight of the microphones, the MC Bassman.

Also known as one of the greatest exponents of Drum & Bass, the English duo joins the lineup. Annix. Who doesn't feel like listening to his famous remixes a lost souls de Knife Party o Hellcat de must die?

Specialty of the house. This time the Belgian festival confirms us to Apashe, a splendid Brussels producer of both Dubstep, Trap and even Neurofunk. With a host of productions behind him, he is ready to show his secret weapon in front of the public of the Rampage, being this his magnificent songs.

The record company Crucast, presents us this time exclusively, the union of two references of the Bassline: Skepsis & Darkzy. After collaborating together several times or remixing each other, they perform at the Rampage Open Air to prove what they are worth.

The Australian brothers Jeff and Jonathan Hansen, known within the scene, as Ekko & Sidetrack, will get together in this splendid b2b with Karl Thomas, popularly known as ShockOne.

Another confirmed one will be the German Infekt. With his dark productions of Riddim Dubstep by the famous company Disciple, will be one of the main dishes of this edition of the Rampage Open Air, which does not stop surprising us.

They joined the world of Drum & Bass in 2009, and since then they have not stopped surprising us. With more than 10 years of experience within Drum & Bass, and specializing in Neurofunk, neon light have decided to join forces with a Neurofunk mastodon, nothing more and nothing less than pythius. What will this fantastic b2b bring us?

As expected we were not going to have little Neurofunk and, therefore, Rampage Open Air offers us a good dose for the 3rd and 4th of July. This time, they blend wisdom and skill Teddy killerz, gydra y Table, in a symbiosis known as neuropunksquad.

Panda Eyes is a prestigious Swiss producer, but if we put it together with the German Nasko, What can go wrong? Nothing at all. Dubstep's important confirmation of the Belgian festival, which is sure not going to disappoint us. Home alone, his latest collaboration with a wonderful vocal, will make us feel in heaven itself when it starts to sound in Belgium.

DPMO, a sub-label of Circus Records, offers us an impressive collaboration this time. Definitive y Antiserum They haven't stopped releasing tracks together, but… How good will it be to see them live together in the booth? They are sure to leave their skin to delight anyone who is going to enjoy the Dubstep they plan to show.

You already know that we like exclusivity at festivals, well, the Rampage just got it again. For the first time in life, we are going to see the American Heckler next to the swedish gravedgr sharing the stage. Heckler belongs to the seal of Never Say Die, and has given us themes like 404 o buggas with Mastadon, in addition to stepping on great festivals such as EDC Las Vegas. gravedgr He is one of those artists who in a very short time has shown us his great potential. Topics like Rampage o Kamikaze show us what he is capable of, in addition to sharing scenarios with artists such as Carnage in the parookaville.

Finally, two b2b join the lineup who will not disappoint anyone who decides to come and see them in action. First, we have Hydraulix b2b Krischvn; and on the other hand, we have Unglued b2b Urbandawn.

For more information and ticket sales, see the website of Rampage.