Rampage Weekend 2022: Renegade

Rampage once again thrills its fans and announces a new event in March 2022 called Rampage Weekend 2022: Renegade.

Rampage is the perfect event for all those who want to enjoy the best Dubstep or the best Drum & Bass in the European zone. Forever established in Belgium, fans will only have to travel to this country to enjoy a few dream days.

Having already celebrated this past summer of 2021 a two-day event called Rampage Free Party and also having an appointment in Rampage Coming Home! last September 24th. A new event arrives from bass for the year 2022 called Rampage Weekend 2022: Renegade.

However, this is not all. Since on December 10 and 11 there is still another event available from the hand of Rampage. But here we have come to talk about the new Bass show that has been organized for March 2022.

Rampage Weekend 2022: Renegade

Rampage Weekend 2022: Renegade. This new event will be held in Belgium, being more exact in Antwerp, in its most coveted concert venue known as Sportpaleis. It is a multipurpose venue that hosts concerts, sporting events, festivals and fairs. With a capacity of approximately 25000 attendees, the days 18 and 19 March 2022, will welcome all Dubstep and Drum & Bass fans who decide to attend the event.

A first batch of artists has come to light and the truth: we expected no less from them. The level is assured. First of all we will have in front of us in March the almighty Hamish Prasad, better known to all as marauda. Throwing music through Never Say Die Records, NSD: Black Label, Disciple: Round Table, Bass Rush Records and even stating his power in his own label Malignant Music. One of the most beloved Australian artists on the Bass scene, he always leaves those who dare to see him live speechless. Accompanied on that date by the young American producer VAMPA. With the respect earned from great artists of high caliber, she comes to destroy the stage of Sportpaleis for her great virtue with Dubstep.

Next, the British appears in this batch of confirmations A.M.C, with his dark arts of production, his excellent level of production and his considerable record of titles and awards achieved throughout his career. We will also have the pleasure of seeing live Used, an artist from Belgium, who has not missed many events of Rampage.

Lastly, of this first wave of confirmations, we will have the pleasure of enjoying the wonderful trio called Kings Of The Rollers (formed by Serum, Voltage & Bladerunner) alongside British underground artist A dog. For sure it will be a real spectacle to see this union of four different artists, giving a party that we will never forget.

A few weeks later, a second wave of artists has arrived. Among them, we have big names who assure that they are going to leave the Sportpaleis collapsed, as they are: the talented and well-known Belgian Apashe but with residence in Montreal, which will come with a powerful Live, ready to demonstrate the reason for its acclaimed fame. Another Live that we can live will be that of bru-c, where we will have an excellent repertoire of tracks from bassline. A recital of the best Drum & Bass will come from the hand of Kanin and also Kara, two artists from the United Kingdom, where the essence of this genre is more than internalized.

In addition to those previously mentioned, the French Félix Burnod, better known to all as The Caracal Project with great productions behind them as they are Quick of Breath or the recent Gaspin 4 Air with imanu & Leotrix. To end this second wave, the boss could not miss Murdock, the man behind the mark Rampage.

As we all know, the Covid continues to wreak havoc in the world of music and therefore, a series of measures must be taken into account when attending the festival. These measures are those established both by the organizers and those required by the Belgian government itself. Therefore, there could be several over time, being very different when March 2022 arrives. We will all be attentive to the requirements established in the website Rampage, seeing how things improve so we can enjoy a safe and quality event in Antwerp.

Tickets went on sale last October 11 at 2 PM. They can be achieved through the website by Rampage. We will have to be quick, because with the desire that we all have to enjoy an event of this level, these are going to be exhausted immediately. We will look forward to the date, because it is going to be an event worth observing with your own eyes, as is to be expected, of the brand Rampage.