Ravenscoon & illanthropy make their SSKWAN debut with "Drowning"

San Francisco DJ and producer Ravenscoon joins forces with bass wizard illanthropy to create "Drowning," their SSKWAN debut.

Emerging artist Ravenscoon has achieved a lot in just this year. Shortly after the release of Revolve EP, his WAKAAN inauguration, he makes his way to its brother label for his SSKWAN debut with illanthropy. Together they created Drowning, an emotional track inspired by the trials and tribulations over the past year. Dazzling synths breathe life into hazardous bass waters, evoking feelings of ambition and hope to those who may feel too deep under.

Aside from this being Ravenscoon's first appearance on the notorious SKWAAN label, another aspect that makes this track stand out is the collaboration aspect his choice to work with illanthropy. After blowing this year with his debut album Find Your Mind, illanthropy introduces himself to a larger audience and shows what he is capable of with. Drowning.

Within the first 15 seconds of the track, it’s obvious that it’s a hit. Collaborating on a single can be quite difficult, something that both Ravenscoon and illanthropy do with ease. Powerful and uplifting, this track is a vivid expression of the social, emotional and spiritual struggles within the past year that the majority of humanity can relate to Drowning contains perfect combination of both artist’s unique and individual styles, leading to a quite perfect collaboration.

“We both had and have been dealing with a lot of mental distress from the pandemic and all of the troubles of the last year, and felt that the song should feel immense, powerful, uplifting, and very emotional. I think that 'Drowning' is a sound that a lot of people really need to hear right now, and feel that this song can hopefully offer hope, and even closure, from a really difficult time in all of our lives. »


It is always great to see two up and coming artists unite to create a masterpiece, giving us a fresh new take on bass music. Listen to Drowning on Spotify, available now on digital platforms.