Ravenscoon Releases Sophomore EP "Rapid Eye Movements"

Ravenscoon releases the independent sophomore EP entitled "Rapid Eye Movements" consisting of a total of four songs.

From San Francisco, California and originally from Altanta, Georgia, Paul Conversano, known professionally as Ravenscoon, you have been able to easily create your own distinctive sound. He intelligently combines his southern roots with influences from many different styles, such as the death metal, hip hop y punk rock to create your own music-related sound experimental bass. The sound of it is hypnotic and very unique, but at the same time it creates a feeling of familiar nostalgia.

Growing up pretty fast Ravenscoon has released a couple of successful songs, some important ones like «All»(From his first EP,«Mind ») "Sandman«, A collaboration with UHNK, Y "Xenomorph. » He also released a remix of "WAP" by Cardi B y Megan thee stallion, which blew up on Soundcloud.

His latest EP «Rapid Eye Movements»Perfectly captures this distinctive sound that it carries. The EP contains four songs, all with the same key and tempo, something that makes it a pleasant and fluid listening experience for the listener, taking you on a continuous journey from beginning to end.

The first clue is called «Nystagmus«, Which begins with a lot of energy, leaving you wanting to listen to the rest of the EP. The second track, titled «Showin out«, Is another success. Packed with deep, distorted basslines and rich vocals, this track definitely showcases the legendary raw and deep sound of Ravenscoon. "Showin out"Smoothly switches to the third track,"Rapid Eye Movements”, Adding a more hypnotic element to the EP. Describing this topic, Ravenscoon mentions that:

"I wanted it to feel like you were falling backwards into a beautiful endless abyss, surrounded by green energy."


The EP concludes with «Awake«, A collaboration with CASHFORGOLD. The combination of the euphoric vowels of CASHFORGOLD and the deep, experimental bass of Ravenscoon they create a beautiful track that perfectly sums up and concludes the entire EP.

Ravenscoon he did an amazing job with this EP; It is raw, deep, dark, and euphoric, it seems that you are in a dream. Through only four tracks, he knew how to perfectly convey his project and its sound. He's just started his career, and he's already making a tremendous impact. His hard work is paying off and we are excited to see what comes next for him.

Listens "Rapid Eye Movements»On Spotify, now available on all digital platforms.