Ravenscoon releases his WAKAAN debut “Revolve EP”

San Francisco-based producer Ravenscoon highly impresses in his WAKAAN debut with his bass-shattering 4-track EP, "Revolve"

Paul Conversano, known professionally as Ravenscoon, is a producer and DJ from San Francisco, California, who combines influences from death metal, hip hop & punk rock with experimental bass music. His passion and love for electronic music scene are present in both his original songs and his popular mixtape series. No genre goes untouched, from dubstep, trance, rap, systematic trap: every time, drum & bass, mid-tempo, psytrance and more, every live set by Ravenscoon is unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

The California-based producer has worked immensely hard this year; instead of drowning in negativity, he decided take on the pandemic as best as he could by perfecting and fine-tuning his unique sound. His career took off with his debut EP Mind, which performed super well and was quickly followed by his famous Rapid Eye Movements EP earlier this year. Something special about Ravenscoon is his ability to always one-up his past work, all while remaining loyal to his unique, distinct sound. He surely does an amazing job with EP’s, which makes us excited to announce his latest 4-track Revolve EP. his being his first contribution to the well-known WAKAAN imprint, he definitely makes it worth a listen.

We introduced to the EP with Relax! Extremely dark and ominous, Ravenscoon makes it known that he was not playing around during the production of this project. Taking us immediately to an intense build up, a distorted vocal repeating “relax your body” guides us to the track’s mind-altering drop, which will surely fill you with adrenaline. The young producer switches it up a bit during the second drop, adding a darker synth to draw us in even more.

Then we head straight to Mental. Carrying a similar energy to the previous track, Ravenscoon maintains that adrenaline rush from the beginning to the end. Throughout its entirety he utilizes a combination of different synths and effects; everything from classic older dubstep wubs and sounds to modern bass music effects. To say the least, this track will definitely have you going “mental.”

Almost at the end, we are met with Sauced. Shifting the atmosphere to a more hypnotic side, Ravenscoon never ceases to amaze with this track. It starts off pretty quiet, but we immediately hit the phrase saying “give me some of that sauce,” before the drop. If you did not get lost in the music with the previous songs, we assure you that you will with this one. Its sound is hypnotic and very unique, but at the same time it creates a feeling of familiar nostalgia.

The EP ends with Blessings, a collaboration with Viskus. Concluding the project with a more melodic tone, this track is the perfect way to end an EP. From beginning to end its main strong synths take us back to the earlier dubstep days, giving an amazing nostalgic feel. As Ravenscoon puts it, it is the “confetti blast song” of the EP. Both him and Viskus couldn't have done a better job with this track.

“My collaboration with Viskus rounds off the EP with a more melodic tone, which Ravenscoon has been popularized for. We joked that this is our 'confetti blast song,' and it is a feel-good way to round out some of the heavier work on this EP. Viskus and I have been working together for years, and this marks over five songs we've created together. ”


After listening to the EP, we are left with one thing; Ravenscoon never stops surprising. Diverging from previous works, “Revolve,” which stands for “re-evolution,” represents the culmination of a difficult year through quarantine. With each song being designated for major sound systems, Revolve allows listeners to ascend to the next level when everyone gathers together again. It’s great to see Ravenscoon become part of the WAKAAN family, and we are very excited to see what he has in store for the future.

Listen to revolve EP on Spotify, now available on all digital platforms.