Ravenscoon casts Xenomorph at Sacred Hive

Ravenscoon presents his new work in Sacred Hive paying homage to the movie Alien under the name Xenomorph.

Many of us have seen the movies of Ridley Scott under the name of Alien at the end of the 70, which became a whole work of science fiction of that time. One of the most charismatic artists like Paul Conversano, professionally known as Ravenscoon, has done honor to the film. He presents his new work called Xenomorph en Sacred hive.

Xenomorph It is the name that they nicknamed Alien in the film and that is the title of the new and dark track by Ravenscoon. If you have seen the movie you will appreciate that the sounds are similar to the movie. In the middle of the song we can identify the fear of the passenger of the ship as if the Xenomorph had found him. The artist is recognized for his influences on experimental Bass and here we find them in this terrifying production.

Ravenscoon has had this year releases like his Mind EP composed of five songs and other productions such as «gotdamm","Dirty South","Sandman» or «Darkness«, In addition to his great remix a WAP. You can listen to the new work of Ravenscoon on SoundCloud.

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