Ray Volpe starts with «Feeling This Way» his new EP on Subsidia Records

Ray Volpe is back at Excision's Subsidia Records to release the first song called «Feeling This Way» from his upcoming EP.

One of the best news we could give to the music scene Bass, is a new release of Ray Volpe. We could consider the dj and producer as one of the most creative artists of today. The sound design he possesses is so unique, that whatever he releases is going to become a beloved piece by all their fans. When last September XNUMX, Couch Lands, for the launch of the record label of Excision, Subsidia Records he also had a presence; being one of the best performances of the weekend.

With the massive debut release of Subsidia Records, a song was included in the compilation Dusk, which disarmed everyone completely. Specifically, it was one of the productions that Excision played during his Set to announce the launch of his record label. Presented before thousands of viewers, Over My Head by the producer Ray Volpe; A combination melodic & experimental most successful, which was one of the most listened to on the debut volume.

He participated in the third installment of Dusk with his production nosebleed, becoming a storm again and one of the great forces of Subsidia Records. That is why one of the best news that can most cheer the followers of the record label of Excision, is the return of Ray Volpe to release an EP.

Ray VolpeFeeling This Way Subsidia Records, Excision

Feeling This Way It will be one of the productions that will make up the new EP of Ray Volpe on Subsidia Records. Probably, as with yetep, Jantsen & Sullivan King, the previous songs that he has released through Dusk, are included in the EP. With this release it would be together with YOOKiE & Dion Timmer, the sixth EP to be released on the label of Excision.

As usual, Ray Volpe includes his own vocals, bringing every song his create to life. The track opens the senses rumbling, inducing you into an emo aura, as the producer likes. The guitar is one of the elements that fit the most, as each chord tears you apart and the distorted build-up breaks you completely. It is a production where there are mixed feelings such as experimental and harsh sounds, which makes another unique song to his repertoire. The core of the song unleashes the hysteria of emotions, corrupting the bass line with explosive hits, adding a scream and putting you in context. The best ability that the producer has is the transition to change without any difficulty heavy bass to melodic ones.

Before including his own vocals on the track, he used Love Is Gone by SLANDER to present it on live broadcasts. This could be appreciated when Jason Ross invited him to his residence Atlas. The musical repertoire that he showed during that performance is synonymous with the great work that the producer does; has an incredible arsenal of unreleased music. Of course, this work is rewarded by being one of the artists who will go to Bass Canyon this 2021.

Enjoy one of the pieces that will make up the next EP by Ray Volpe on Subsidia Records in Feeling This Way, now available on all platforms.

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