Ray Volpe releases an emotional "Mixed Feelings" EP

Ray Volpe releases his long-awaited extended play called "Mixed Feelings" consisting of six productions through Subsidia Records.

The record label of Excision Subsidia Records once again, it is once again the center of attention with a new extended play. When this new discography was announced during the live broadcast of Couch Lands, there was an artist who made a 100% original Set. The dj and producer Ray Volpe he drove thousands of bass music fans crazy during his Set; After finishing he announced that he was working on an EP.

With the debut release of Subsidia Records, Ray Volpe together with his colleagues he offered one of the best of the 118. The song Over My Head crossed all the limits so that he was one of the forces to be taken into account, and this was demonstrated in Dusk Vol.3. After having released the songs nosebleed and recently Feeling This Way, the most awaited moment arrives, the official launch of Mixed Feelings EP.

Ray VolpeMixed Feelings Subsidia Records, Excision

A project worked during the past 18 months with a lot of background in the six productions that compile it. Most of them were produced when Ray Volpe had an internal mental struggle and put all his heart into these.

The first of all is Rebirth, where he works with full distortion accelerating the listener's beats, even creating nostalgia with video game sound design. As it progresses, the production begins to come to life with melodies that ignite the soul and putting his own vocals as usual. All this immersing you in a constant sea of ​​feelings in which you drown and you only breathe a warm aura between all of them. An emotional journey with no turning back.

On the other hand, the next two productions were already released as we said before; Nosebleed in Dusk Vol.3 and the song Feeling This Way to announce the EP. The fourth production is Tell Me, which was premiered during the program of Jason Ross broadcast on Insomniac Events called Atlas. The track opens between glorious melodies, as if it were an anthem without decaying at any time, with a quite contagious build-up.

In the fifth production called Need Your Lovegoes without saying much that it can make your hair stand on end even under the water. It immerses you in a bubble, trapping you forever in that state of peace of mind and at the same time breaks you into thousands of bubbles, when using electric synthesizers. The descent falls like a cascade of emotions from which you cannot move, just soak up all those mixed feelings. Add more hardness, not letting the production fall into monotony for certain moments.

Finally we got deep with the song Inside (Mind Games Pt.III). The first was released in his Reality EP, later the version arrived VIP and was compiled in Live Only EP. This new and completely different, even with more emotions alters the mental state of before. He introduces you into something deeper by adding heartbeats to feel each note afterwards, linking ties with the lyric. All the previous sensations found in a single production.

A project that goes beyond emotions personified in six productions compiled in Mixed Feelings EP. Enjoy the new extended play of Ray Volpe through Subsidia Records on all platforms.

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