Ray Volpe shows his feelings with "Never Be Alone"

Ray Volpe shows his best personal feelings through the production "Never Be Alone" dedicated to his girlfriend.

Music is a good way to express feelings and connections with an important person in your life. It is not something easy to do, because not everyone has the same ability to reflect those emotions through sounds and cause a great impact. However, dedicating something however minimal to the person you care about is the best gift we can give. The producer Ray Volpe release a production called Never Be Alone dedicated to his girlfriend.

Recently the dj and producer won the hearts of many fans with the release of Mixed Feelings EP through Subsidia Records. If you are a close fan of him, you will know very well that he is a very close person with everyone who tries to connect with him. On numerous occasions he has been sincere and has shown his personal achievements, as well as feelings, through social networks. The extended play mixed feelings, produced it by going through a tough internal mental struggle. The feelings here influence to a degree that we ourselves would not have imagined before going through these circumstances. However, when you have a person who supports you, you see yourself capable of achieving everything and it reflects it in Never Be Alone.

Ray Volpe, Never Be Alone

On November 19, 2020, he shared a preview of the song through social networks. For him, it is the most important song he has ever produced and he premiered it during the show Atlas by Jason Ross. With deep lyrics, he shares with the world, besides his girlfriend, one of the best songs he has produced.

Just the fact that it is addressed to is enough for it to have the strength and capture the attention of the whole world. For months he shows the great relationship that both have, like teaching his girlfriend to produce Dubstep. Sharing a song dedicated to her and that all the fans feel identified as well, is more than an achievement.

Enjoy on all platforms the new production of Ray Volpe reflecting your deepest feelings in Never Be Alone.

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