Ray Volpe releases "Rise Of The Volpetron" EP on Disciple Records

Ray Volpe joins the Disciple Records family and releases "Rise Of The Volpetron" EP consisting of four productions.

Season Volpetron has come stronger than ever to the electronic music scene with a new project. The dj and producer known professionally as Ray Volpe is been getting away with his releases lately. In recent weeks he has provided incredible projects such as Mixed Feelings EP through the record label of Excision Subsidia Records, and also the song Never Be Alone.

For the remainder of the year he has great dates to perform live and show all his skills. It will have a presence at festivals such as Bass Canyon, Lost Lands & Spring Awakening, and also by 2022, he will be in the new experience of Excision, Paradise blue festival. But the good news does not end here, and it is that he announces one of the best news of his professional career, joining the family of Disciple Records.

Ray Volpe, Rise Of The Volpetron EP, Disciple Records

Through a video through social networks and photos signing the record contract, Ray Volpe announced his new home. The record label Disciple Records will host the special music of one of the most creative producers at this moment.

It was no wonder that in such a short time he had incredible support and this news did not come alone. Days after the season of Volpetron echoed more than ever with the announcement of his new Rise Of The Volpetron EP. A full-length EP made up of a total of four productions. Starting with the song Elastic, encompassing different heavy and melodic influences. Continuing with the feature of Virus Syndicate, offers the production Revolution, wreaking havoc and destruction on the bassline. Third provides World war rave with very energetic sensibilities, ready to make listeners vibrate. Finally Race Against Time, unleashing all the fury in this production to culminate Rise Of The Volpetron EP.

This is the beginning of a lot of music from the producer Ray Volpe through the record label Disciple Records. Enjoy the four productions that make up on all platforms Rise Of The Volpetron EP.

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