REAPER returns to Bassrush with "Runaway"

REAPER returns to Bassrush Records again with a new track called "Runaway" featuring the voice of singer Josh Rubin.

REAPER, the masked man, is back in Bass Rush Records. It is a label belonging to the family of Insomniac, where great artists stop to release new music. This time it is the turn of the mystery man, to offer a good piece of music in the purest style Drum & Bass.

To get in tune, we will remember great productions of the American artist. Among them we can highlight great pieces such as: sawtooth or Oblivion, both thrown through Monstercat in 2019 and later collected in a majestic compilation called Raptur EP, also launched a collaboration with Whipped Cream known as Shouldn't, as well as their powerful union with Kayzo & qoiet to give birth to Wait. Newer tracks, already sent to fans through Bass Rush Records, we have Make A Move or his most recent IMY next to the singer Bella Renee.

It has more and more recognition and that is something to keep in mind, as it is being one of the great forces on the scene. As usual in him, he shows an exemplary sound, but this time he adds something that makes his new production stand out even more, and that is that he has the vocal interpretation of Josh Rubin, a young singer who has already collaborated with great artists on the scene such as francis derelle or ATLAS.

Both artists arrive strong to launch Runaway, a true masterpiece of Drum & Bass. With a correct introduction towards destruction, the track begins with a melody along with the voice of Josh Rubin. With this, it sends us squarely towards a drop, which breaks with brutal force, to give rise to more powerful and lively rhythms. A track that will sound at the big festivals and will make everyone who is there move.

Once again, stand out again within Bass Rush Records. REAPER offers Runaway with Josh Rubin, track that is already available on all digital platforms to be able to enjoy it before listening in front of a Stage.