Rebelion deploy "Ghost Of Us" on Scantraxx

Rebelion won't slow down and are back at Scantraxx for the release of a new production called "Ghost Of Us."

Gary O 'dea & Raymond Baird are being one of the best sensations on the scene Hard and there is no one to stop them, they are off the leash. If it were not for what the virus has taken, they would have had, like many other colleagues, a sensational 2020. Nonetheless, Rebelion managed to mark a spectacular year with The First Dose. Also noting that they were one of the few DJs who managed to attend one of the best events on the scene to present Overdose en Reverze. Also participating in live broadcasts as in Intents Festival or in Decibel Outdoor. Including their own livestream to present The First Dose.

Taking the balance, the DJs and producers have consolidated more than they were throughout these months. Q-dance, has not doubted them so that they have a presence in QAPITAL 2022. After being the creators of Anthem in 2019 with Rise From The StreetsThey could not miss for the next edition, as great exponents of Raw.

So far this year, they have collaborated for the first time with the brothers Sound Rush for the release of one of the best productions of this 2021, Hypnotized. The song has not taken long to echo more and more among the followers and also, Rebelion altering social media with his next collaboration alongside Radical Redemption. What can come out of both concepts makes the hair stand on end just thinking about it and the fans want to hear that song soon.


The duo is back at Scantraxx to present a new production called Ghost Of Us. Which they have been able to present through REBiRTH Festival live last April 10 before thousands of spectators. Making the song a fusion of concepts, to accelerate the beats in a melodic Raw design with Metal elements. Producers have a knack for driving listeners crazy with every song they create in the studio, as they are unique in what they do. And here they test multiple qualities in production, as they were already able to show in The Edge, with certain similarity. Very different, of course, but the way of combining concepts of Rock & Metal with Raw and best of all, with melodic elements; it is an incredible sound experience.

The track opens to broken voice with Ghost Of Us and a vowel that perplexes anyone, introducing slightly bass and heartbreaking synths into the build upbefore dry kicks y solid. Without neglecting at any time melodic elements in the production, as this combination has perfectly defined it. The melody used in the second part of the song completely breaks you, it is totally unexpected and at the same time, necessary. Well executed rhythms, according to the vowels and above all, they awaken feelings and release their ghosts. At the same time, ending by marking a achievement of kicks in the purest style they possess..

Producers penetrate scantraxx displaying the best of them with a song lasting almost five minutes without leaving anyone indifferent. This song could be a perfect candidate to be one of the best of the year, just as it already was Dusk Till Dawn in 2020. Enjoy Ghost Of Us , on all digital music platforms.

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