Rebelion & Warface once again in "Switchblades"

Rebelion & Warface join forces again to launch their collaboration called "Switchblades" via Scantraxx.

The explosive combination between the duos Rebelion & Warface she is more alive than ever again with her latest collaboration. The four producers have collaborated in the past on productions such as Get Back, detonated, Opening Statements, and the new switch blades through Scantraxx.

Without warning, the producers posted via social media that Switchblades was going to be released in Intents Festival. Then, on the day of the live broadcast of the online edition of Intents Festival, Warface played it on his Set. So far this year, both projects by the respective artists have had big appearances on the release radar. On the one hand, both were also in the experience Defqon.XNUMX at Home XNUMX, where the remix of Warface to production We Don't Stop (Lights Out) of D-Block & S-te-Fan for the album Enter Your Mind.

In the last few months, we have seen Rebelion collaborate for the first time with Sound Rush, in the song Hypnotized, and releasing one of the biggest hits of the year, Ghost Of Us. In addition to collaborating for the first time with Sub Zero Project, in collaboration Sinners Paradise. Mentioning the duo again Sub Zero Project, also collaborated at the beginning of the year with Warface, for the song release Obey No More, one of the most anticipated.

Rebellion, Warface, Switchblades, Scantraxx

Together they add a new success to their musical repertoire that is becoming so established on the scene Hard, and especially of Rawstyle. Considered for many of the best at this moment, and as one of the live performances that no one would want to miss. Without a doubt, they will be in the next edition of Defqon. 1 2022, and as usual their productions are always candidates for the Q-dance Hardstyle Top 40.

The production switch blades, brings together the best of both projects composed of Rebelion & Warface. The artists have moved the fans, using the vocals and melody of one of the songs of Lil Peep. The influence of the kicks of both, are noticed throughout the production. They get the best of them in a single, nearly four-minute, high-revving ride.

Enjoy the collaboration between Rebelion & Warface called switch blades through Scantraxx.

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