REBiRTH Festival, the great start of the festival season

REBiRTH Festival returned after 2 years of waiting with one of the most exclusive and complete editions in its entire history.

REBiRTH was, without a doubt, the most expected festival for all lovers of hardstyle. Some events had been held in the Netherlands before but not on the scale of REBiRTH itself. It marked the beginning of the festival season and the moment in which many artists would test their next releases. Rebelion presenting their new album, Sub Zero Project with 'Rennaisance of Rave', Gunz For Hire with 'Death or Glory'… exclusivity above all.

Given the impossibility of being able to attend the 3 days, our day began on Saturday. We moved to Oisterwijk to take the festival shuttle and get to the venue. Being our first time, we didn't know how long the festival was, so we arrived to see the start of KELTEK. With a fully decorated REBiRTH-themed mainstage, we enjoyed the melodies of KELTEK, highlighting, personally, one of his best tracks: 'Awaken'. Later Sound Rushappeared, who have accustomed us to each festival that will bring us more new music.

We'd continue on REBELLiON to see two artists that are even better together. Adaro and Kronos performed a b2b to the delight of rawstyle lovers where they presented their next track 'Kings of the Beat'. Finally, one of the most expected sets of the festival arrived. Rooler and Sickmode presenting 'The Gang'. Own sickmode was hallucinating in his social networks since a lot of people talked about it being impossible to get into the tent. That's how it was, since we couldn't hardly move at that moment, which speaks to how the set was. One of the performances of the weekend without a doubt.


We were going back to the mainstage to see Sub Zero Project with their new show 'Renaissance of Rave'. In addition to all the chapters that have been presented in recent months, they also played some IDs, which after that famous 'Who wants an album?' in their social networks, they could be part of that album. After learning a little more about the other stages of the festival, seeing Dr. Peacock, Vertile, Atmozfears or Dimitri K, we moved to Reborn to see Luminite and The Straikerz. A very energetic set and in which they connected with the public at all times. Another set to add to the Hall of Fame of this edition.


We went back to the mainstage to witness the end of D-Block & S-te-Fan with one of the most magical moments of the festival. Villain would bring her daughter up to the stage and talk about the next generation of hardstyle. Adaro and Ran-D put on their best suit to delight us with their new show 'Death or Glory' under Gunz For Hire. Lots of new tracks, including 'Mustang' with E-Life or the new version of 'Pussy Lovers', in addition to the track that gives the show its name. To finish, we would see Radical Redemption and Warface. The latter, for the first time with his helmet and presenting his new album 'Forgotten Future'. A new exclusive performance to add to a festival that at performance level has been a 10/10.


To kick off Sunday, we went to Reborn, this time in a tent and with artists from the euphoric genre above all. The day started strong with Avi8, one of the most melodic hardstyle artists. He has been cataloged by media such as Dancing Astronaut as one of the artists of the year, and it's not for less. He made us all fall in love with his melodies and with a more than well-known remix to the 'You're Shining'.

A-Rize and JGSW would act together to show the talent of Eternity, sublabel of Art of Creation. REBiRTH continues to bet heavily on these artists, since in the previous edition of REVELATiON we saw A-Rize with Last of Us. From there, we moved to Revenge to see Andy The Core presenting his 10 Years Showcase, referring to his career in hardcore and later to Reborn again to see Solstice and his particular Euphower.

It was Rebellion day and we didn't miss any of their shows. First, presenting their next album in which we highlight the premiere of their new track with Sefa. Second, with Sub Zero Project in b2b. And finally, as everyone expected, under Overdose. A good dose of Rebelion for all their fans, being the main host of the mainstage on this last day. in between, it was Sefa's turn in Revenge, who would present several tracks from his album 'Klaagzang', together with his edit to Trip to Valhalla, the new collab with Rebelion and the presence of Billx on stage. To end the festival, E-Force, Bloodlust and Warface joined forces for a complete set in the purest style End of line.


Despite the weather in the Netherlands, which is quite cold at this time of year, we were able to enjoy the festival without any problems. Possibly, the situation in the campsite was different, although REBiRTH adapted the entire venue for the greater comfort of the attendees. The start of the hardstyle festival season has already begun and now it's time to enjoy. If you liked our review and want to attend the festival, ticket sales for its next edition have already started. See you on April 14, 15 and 16 next year!

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