10 performances not to be missed at REBiRTH Festival

New shows by Gunz For Hire and Phuture Noize, Rebelion Overdose or Warface 'RIP' are some of the highlights at REBiRTH.

REBiRTH is the festival that kicks off the 'Festival Season' in the Netherlands. Numerous exclusive performances, IDs and premieres happen during these 3 days. One of the most outstanding events of the hardstyle genre, which we could enjoy in 2022. REBiRTH is held during the days April 14 - 15 in Haaren and fight against the cold isn't a problem because almost all its stages are indoor.

Among all the performances, we have chosen 10 of them that we wouldn't miss in any case and that we hope, don't coincide with each other.

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  • ADJUZT PRESENTS NXTGEN (Reborn Raw, Saturday)

Adjuzt is one of the artists that has grown the most last year. Member of Savage Squad Recordings, he managed to get one of his tracks on the Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100, in adition to having signed with The Wishlist Agency. Deserved award for one of the best rawstyle talents, who will present his NXTGEN show at REBiRTH.

  • B-FRONT VS REJECTA (Revelation, Sunday)

The most mystical sound together with one of the most forceful kicks in rawstyle. Two of our favorite Roughstate artists will team up for one of the performances to watch on Sunday. Hoping a follow-up to 'Angels In The Sky' will be born from this b2b.


Separately they would have been one of our recommendations, so imagine what they're able to do together. Both Bloodlust and Killshot come off releasing an album (Killshot will also perform introducing the album), while Cryex is without a doubt the most talented artist of the last year.

  • EXPROZ VS THE STRAIKERZ (Reborn Raw, Saturday)

Gearbox in pure form. If last year The Straikerz played together with Luminite, this time it will be with Exproz. The most talented Spanish artists at the moment will be back at REBiRTH.

  • GUNZ FOR HIRE: NEW SHOW (Rebirth, Saturday)
(via REBiRTH Festival)

Just like the previous edition the duo formed by Ran-D and Adaro will present a new show at REBiRTH. If in 2022 it was 'Death or Glory', in this edition it's yet to be unveiled. Individually, Ran-D will also present a new show, while Adaro will act as usual.

  • PHUTURE NOIZE: NEW SHOW (Rebirth, Saturday)

New year, new album. After performing on mainstage last year, Phuture Noize will be performing with a new album at REBiRTH, with the release date still to be determined. One of the most acclaimed artists at every festival he goes and even more so with this new show, which may be 'from star to stardust.'.

  • REBELION OVERDOSE (Rebirth, Saturday)
(via REBiRTH Festival)

Big winners of 2022. They've been at the top of all the polls and have culminated what is possibly the best year of their career. 2023 has started with more than good news: 'The Second Dose'. Rebelion Overdose will take center stage in the coming months with this new show. They'll combine forces also with Vertile in a versus.


Duo of the year. Together, they've conquered Europe with a totally different style. 2023 could be the year of consecration as headliners at many of the most important hardstyle festivals. In 2022 the stage became small for them, being completely full. This year, they'll act on the mainstage and quite possibly, they'll fill it again.

  • WARFACE RIP (Rebirth, Sunday)

It was one of the great unknowns of 2023. Warface announced his presence at REBiRTH as Sunday's mainstage host with that 'RIP', which has finally been revealed as a new show called 'Rest in Peaces'. A live set, two versus with Rooler and Deadly Guns (plus another with Mish on Saturday) and 'Trip Through Memory'.

  • ZANY (CLASSICS) (Reactivate, Saturday)

After his spectacular set opening Qlimax, he's one of our top recommendations of the festival. Despite being the first set of the event, he kept the perfect atmosphere for the following artists. A 'must' if you want to teleport yourself back years in hardstyle.

Ticket sales are still open, although tickets are selling fast and there are very few tickets in each category. For more info about REBiRTH, you can consult both our chronicle of the last edition, as the tips that we can find on their website about the festival and also, about the camping

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