REVELATiON makes an incredible first edition in Tilburg

REVELATiON of REBiRTH Events culminates a first edition in an incredible way with many surprises in 013, Tilburg.

In a new normal, in which events are held in the afternoon and capacity punishes many events, REBiRTH found the solution to all these problems. In addition to itss main event, they've 4 more events running: REBELLiON, REAWAKE, REACTIVATE and its already celebrated REVELATiON. Complying with the very complicated measures against COVID-19, the first edition of REVELATiON has been a complete success.

Getting to 013 was really easy. The Intercity, a train that connects several of the busiest cities in the Netherlands, leaves you just 5 minutes from the enclosure. Flying to Eindhoven, you will only have to take that same train to Tilburg, with a duration of approximately 20-30 minutes.

Once the control is passed, the organization gave each of the attendees a flyer of the event along with a candy, event icon. Divided into 2 areas, the main one consisted of the dance floor along with some bleachers accommodated even by sofas. The secondary, smaller in size, was also made up of a small, much more familiar tier. The sound of both invited what would be a pleasant experience.


Area 1 started with Jay Reve, filling the stage from the first moment and beginning to make the audience vibrate. Nobody wanted to miss a single minute of the event, and it was not long before the different parts of the venue were completely filled. The following performance was already the atmosphere more than lively for the Euphoric fans, with the arrival of a back-to-back between ATMOZFEARS & Demi Kanon.

Sound Rush landed in Area 1 to the enjoyment of many of the attendees. While it's true that they've received many complaints due to the amount of performances they're having, last Saturday was one of those days when we fully enjoyed their set. In addition to tracks like Interstellar or their remix to the Psychedelic Sunshine of Headhunterz, they surprised us with 2 new IDs of which we still don't know the name. One more melodic and one harder, the latter following the example of Interstellar with completely different kicks for each drop.

We were moving to Area 2 to see 2 of the artists from Art of Creation: Eternity. A-RIZE formed a team with Last of Us for a B2B that we really wanted to see. We heard for the first time Heartbreak, recently released by A-RIZE, in addition to tracks like Supernova o High by Last of Us. A set in which the attendees, both the artists themselves, enjoyed to the fullest. A new generation of artists who have been knocking on the door very hard and whom we hope to see again soon at another event.


The king in the darkness B-Front, was present at 013 in Tilburg to delight us with another spectacular set. Always highlight his wide variety of tracks, whether previously released or to be released, completely modifying your set to each event he goes. To his already known IDs with Toneshifterz, Diandra Faye, Pleuni or singles like Feel inside, added a new ID with Ecstatic and Meryll, which he already showed us on his social networks at the beginning of the year.

After B-Frontended, the enclosure fell with what the MC said: «What would happen if I told you that B-Front is going to do a B2B with Phuture Noize». The audience froze, and immediately afterwards, he repeated it again and the astonished face was as if it were a dream. For 20-25 minutes, the five collaborations of the perfect combo could be heard, B-Front & Phuture Noize. From the first song The Enigma, until the most recent Violent Storm, to The Paradox, The Solution, as well as My Beatiful Fantasy.

When the back-to-back between the great friends and producers ended, there were still 40 minutes left alone for Phuture Noize shake all of Tilburg. He didn't need much, because as soon as he put the remix of Promise Land a D-Block & S-te-Fan for his fourth album Enter Your Mind, everyone went crazy. The set was like the previous ones that have been heard from it, with songs like maniac & memories of your most recent electronic heartbreak EP, as well as his album Silver Bullet, with songs like Masquerade & 365.

REVELATION, D-Block & S-te-Fan

The Golden Duo D-Block & S-te-Fan shone again, proving that the album they've created is set to rise to the top this year. The set went to one drop per song, with few exceptions, managing to put the vast majority of the wide repertoire they've. From classics, to the most recent of the album like Believe, Enter Your Mind, Gates Of Paradise, Fearless, and the much acclaimed Harder Generation. When we all thought the set was going to end with Inside My Head, the unexpected happened. Not that they closed with the remix of Sefa a Kingdom, but they released their most anticipated collaboration Infinity, to finish an outstanding set.

Next landed one of the favorites for all the fans, D- Sturb. The dj and producer started during with one of his most recent edits to Feel It!, breaking everything that was in his path. And later one of the sensations of the day would arrive, thanks to the dj and producer Devin Wild. The artist presented his show The_Innergame, with an unprecedented visual spectacle, accompanied by a musical selection that left no one indifferent. He featured numerous songs from his most recent ACID EP, as well as productions like Broken.

Rejecta picked up the baton of Devin Wild, and added more force to the grill. He began with Sledgehammer, one of his most recent releases followed by his already well-known REJECTO FRAGE. There was no shortage of songs such as Still We Rise, Followed (the song with which he was presented at Qlimax) or Rise of Rejecta, in addition to one of the IDs that he presented at Supremacy.


To finish what started well, they couldn't be other than Rebelion. The duo is one of the great acts that no one wants to miss today, increasingly demonstrating their versatility in production. The set was nothing more than a warm-up for what is expected of them in REBELLiON, and productions such as Ghost Of Us, Life Or Death & Switchblades.

The production team did a spectacular job, and all the performances were forceful, both musically and visually. The location was a plus, because the atmosphere that it gathered was all that was necessary to enjoy a great day listening to Hard. If this has been the first edition, we can only hope for better things for the second. And of course, they still have a lot to say shortly at REBELLiON, see you there!

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